Glass Table and Desk Covers

Glass Table Tops – Protect Your Furniture

Glass Table Tops deliver a level of sophistication, style and practicality which will add life to timber furniture in both business and residential situations. A Glass table top prevents wear and tear to the surface of timber tables, which is inevitable without the insurance of a specially crafted glass table top. Contrasted with the expense connected with restoring a whole tabletop a defensive glass layer delivers a practical and strong layer of protection while adding a touch of class . Jim’s Glass custom makes glass table tops to suit your requirements. Our qualified team can visit your premises to take exact measurements and your new table top can be manufactured in as little as 2 days.

Why would it be a good idea for me to utilize glass?

The principle advantage of utilizing glass for this application is that it doesn’t detract from the look and feel of your furniture; in fact it does the opposite, it enhances its appearance! Custom Glass Table Tops are typically produced from clear glass with polished edges, protecting and enhancing your table without changing the presence of your table.  Unlike glass, timber is moderately delicate material that can be harmed from everyday use, for example, kids getting their homework done, the effect from cutlery, dishes, keys or even school bags. Food spills, coffee rings and nail polish remover wreak havoc on timber surfaces and will easily turn a great looking table into a shabby looking eye sore.  A table by its very design endures heavy wear and tear, yet a glass table top will give you the confidence that your furniture is completely shielded from these occurrences. Before its past the point of no return, call Jim’s Glass for a no obligation measure and quote and see how cost effective it is to protect your furniture. Simple call 131 546 or book your free quote online.