How Energy-Efficient Glass Saves Your Budget

20 How Energy-Efficient Glass Saves Your Budget

Reducing your home’s heating and cooling costs is one way to save on your household budget. Energy-efficient low emissivity glass can help you achieve that goal. Low-e glass windows work by reducing ultraviolet and infrared light that pass through but without blocking the amount of visible light that comes into the room. When interior heat tries to escape to the colder environment outside during the winter, the low-e glass reflects the heat back inside and thus, reduces heat loss.

How does energy-efficient glass help reduce your expenses? Here’s how:

  • During the summer, low-e glass blocks the sun’s heat from entering your home. This keeps your air conditioning unit from working hard to cool your rooms.
  • During the winter, low-e glass prevents interior heat from escaping. This allows your heating system to perform its function with minimal effort.
  • In both cases, your heating and air conditioning units work efficiently. As the amount of work is reduced, they are using less energy. As a result, your utility costs are reduced, as well.
  • Energy-efficient glass windows allow more light to enter your home. They can brighten interior spaces, so there is no need for electric lighting during the day.

Simply put, low-e glass can make your home cool during warmer weather and keep it warm during colder months. Since you are using less energy, you are also lowering the carbon footprint of your household. This makes your home environment-friendly.

Installing energy-efficient windows also provide you with another great benefit – your house will be able to dampen outside noise. This is perfect especially if you live in a neighbourhood where homes are built a bit closely together or if your house is constructed near a major thoroughfare.

Energy-efficient glass is an excellent addition to your room. Apart from saving your energy costs, they also look good and are very durable. Replace your old windows now with the help of Jim’s Glass. We have a team of trained glass specialist ready to discuss your options and give you a quote. We also offer free in-home assessment and quote service. Call 131 546 to book an appointment.