Broken Mirror Replacement

Broken Mirror Replacement

People say that when a mirror breaks, it means bad luck. Getting hurt by a broken mirror is truly bad luck! Mirrors may be nice to look at and are great at reflecting light back into the room as they enhance the lighting, but when a mirror breaks, it has to be replaced as soon as possible!

broken-mirror-replacement1 Broken Mirror Replacement

Mirrors come in all sorts, shapes, and sizes. Each one is special in its own right. However, with today’s technology, you can have broken mirrors replaced without looking like you have had a replacement done.

Precision customisation of mirrors is something that Jim’s Glass is proud of, and they can do this for you in a jiff, 24 hours of the day, seven days a week!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

broken-mirror-replacement2 Broken Mirror ReplacementMirrors have a number of uses. A mirror can be typically found in the bathroom, bedroom, living area, and even in the kitchen. It can be framed, made into a full wall mirror, feature mirror or mirrored glass splashback for the kitchen or anywhere in the home. Jim’s Glass is the  expert in mirror installations and replacements.

With 24 hours, seven days a week emergency mirror replacement service, you can be assured that Jim’s Glass will be there for you when you need a broken mirror replaced fast and reliably well.

Jim’s Glass has highly skilled glazing professionals who can cut mirrors to size and customise to match your broken mirror. There are also times when the broken mirror is a part of an ensemble or cluster. Jim’s Glass are experts at preparing and replacing highly customised mirrors too.. Our experienced and licensed glaziers will install the replacement mirror to your home (or anywhere it needs to be installed).

Whether your broken mirror is segmented, curved, sandblasted, etched, beveled edge or tinted, Jim’s Glass has an impressive range of finishes to suit any design and style that would match your home seamlessly and no-one will know that it was a replacement mirror!

Safety and Quality

AS1288-170x300 Broken Mirror Replacement Utilising only Grade-A Vinyl Backed Safety Mirrors for the home that comply with the current Australian standard and installed according to the glazing code, you can be assured that you are getting only the safest and the highest quality mirror for your home and family. With 24 hours, seven days a week emergency mirror replacement, Jim’s Glass is ready to replace broken mirrors for you any time, and anywhere you need it!

When a piece of a mirror ensemble breaks, it is understandable that a homeowner might worry that it cannot be replaced. Fortunately, Jim’s Glass has highly skilled and experienced glaziers who are experts at precision customisation. Beveled and polished, as well as other techniques in finishing and edging mirrors, you can be assured that Jim’s professional glaziers can do it for you.

Whether it is for a small room mirror, framed mirror or anything that needs a mirror replacement, dial 131 546 for 24/7 emergency broken mirror replacement service. Call us now!