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5 Ways You Can Make Cleaning Your Home’s Glass Easier!

Tips For Cleaning Your Homes Glass:

It can be hard to achieve clean streak-free mirrors and windows in your home. In most cases, we spend lots of hour’s glass cleaning, only for dirt to spread out. Using the right methods and tools, you can make the glass cleaning process more enjoyable, leaving the surfaces of your mirrors and glass clean.

To help you have fun cleaning glass in your home, follow the tips shared below.

Wash Windows on a Cloudy Day

The sun often dries the window washing fluid prematurely, leaving the streaks and residue on the window pane. If you want to avoid this scenario, schedule a cleaning session during the cloudy day because the cleaning fluid remains on the glass until you can wipe it away. The net effect is a clean streak-free glass window.

Clean Starting from the Top to the Bottom

This method will help you achieve a streak-free window. Since the cleaning solution drips, allow the cleaner to move from top to the base to ensure that no drips get to the already cleaned glass surfaces.

Use Cotton Swabs to Clean the Corners

Cleaning the corners of the glass window is difficult. No matter how hard you try, residue seems to build up in these areas. Using cotton swabs can help to clean these tough to access areas. It is the perfect tool for this trick.

Use a Squeegee

There is a lot that this simple tool can do to make your glass surface look clean. In some cases, you need to re-wipe a glass surface using a cloth to ensure no streak remains. But when you use a squeegee, it is easy to polish the entire glass surface. A squeegee is a perfect tool for cleaning tall windows.

Always ensure that your squeegee has a sharp rubber blade. You also need to have at least two or three rubber blades on hand because you will end up changing the squeegee blades after some time. It is impossible to end up with an excellent job if the squeegee-blades are sliced, nicked, or rounded due to overuse. In case you see your squeegee leaving streaks or it is not performing as it should, then replace the blade. To get the most out of your squeegee, store it in such a way that the squeegee-blade is not in contact with any substance.

Try Using Homemade Window Cleaner

Homemade solutions also make it economical to clean your windows because you can use already existing home products to make the windows cleaner. To make a home-made windows cleaner, mix one cup of water, one cup of rubbing alcohol, and one tablespoon of vinegar. Adding white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol makes a fast mirror and glass cleaner that works in the same way as commercial window cleaning products. You can also use this solution to clean chrome, hard tiles, and other surfaces.

Just like other cleaning and maintenance jobs in the house, using the right tools and techniques during glass cleaning makes the entire task easier. The tips we have looked at will help you end up with clean windows within a short time.