Shower screen Adelaide

Your Guide To Selecting The Best Shower Screen For Your Property!

Choosing The Perfect Shower Screen

They say the heart of any home is the kitchen, but at Jim’s Glass Adelaide we are more inclined to believe it’s the bathroom! A trendy and functional bathroom can transform and elevate a modern home and give the owner a pleasant sense of luxury.

Similar to kitchens, bathroom renovations can indeed be daunting due to their overwhelming expense. One of the best ways, however, to renovate your bathroom without breaking the bank is to purchase a new shower screen for your home!

Essentially, a shower screen is the statement piece of any Adelaide bathroom. Selecting the right one for your property will go a long way in creating that luxurious feel everyone so desires. At Jim’s Glass Adelaide, we endeavour to help our customers make the best choice they can, that’s why we’ve compiled some helpful tips for you to consider before you buy.


Some residents of Adelaide love the rustic look of the 1960s, and ’70s bathrooms and shower screens but many others see them as dated and in need of an upgrade. It’s often the first thing people look to renovate after purchasing a new house.

The key to buying new shower screens, if you are hoping to resell your home at some point, is to go for a timeless look. Semi-frameless shower screens are the perfect fit that will stand the test of time for years to come.

The neat look of the prominent glass panelling found in semi-frameless shower screens suits almost all Adelaide bathrooms. The simplicity of its style ensures it will remain fashionable for many years. Not only do these shower screens look fantastic, but they are extraordinarily easy to clean as well.

Ease of Cleaning

Most residents of Adelaide are too busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday life to have time to clean their shower screens. Low-maintenance shower screens are therefore a must. Fully frameless shower screens are the perfect choice in this regard.

With almost no crevices for dirt to get trapped, all these shower screens require is a quick once over every so often, and they look good as new. Another advantage of these shower screens is that they amplify the light in the room and make the room appear more spacious.

Call the Experts at Jim’s Glass Adelaide!

Selecting the right shower screen for your bathroom is not always an easy task, there are many components to consider, and sometimes it helps to get an expert’s opinion. That’s where Jim’s comes in!

We have been the trusted experts in Adelaide glass for over 30 years, and our qualified glaziers will be happy to provide advice on how best to proceed with your bathroom renovations.

If you need quality, experienced glaziers, then call the team at Jim’s Glass Adelaide today and get your bathroom renovation started today!