Glass Repair

You Need A Strong Glass Shopfront To Keep Intruders Out!

The Importance Of Having Strong Glass:

A significant part of owning a business requires putting additional effort on the safety of your premises, more so if your company has a commercial space with a glass shop front for prospective customers to look in and see. The use of glass in retail establishments is very critical to your business. Truth be told, no one goes to the mall and comes home empty handed – we usually buy a thing or two when we “window shop”.

However, there will always be other sets of eyes that are looking and salivating over your goods or more so, the cash that comes in when people buy your products. They are on the prowl and have marked your store, and they want what is yours!

This scenario only paints the least worrisome side of things. When we figure in the lives of the people in the store, whether they’re customers, you or the staff – that is a lot at stake. You need to avoid this clear and present danger as much as possible. You will want that extra layer of protection for your business and your people.

It is where you need to use strong glass for your shop front to keep these intruders out! Let’s fill you in on what toughened glass is all about.

Multiple panes of glass make up strong glass or burglar-proof glass. In between two individual panes of glass, you will find a plastic foil that is resistant to tearing. The sandwich made gets bonded using pressure and heat and creates a very solid and stable lamination.

Glass shopfront that uses laminated safety glass provides an incredible amount of protection from objects thrown to it as well as any force from hand-held tools. It would take several strikes with a hard object to even make a tiny hole. The longer it takes and the more difficult it is for a burglar to gain entry, the more noise he will be making, and that’s a significant and more than enough deterrent against criminals.

Laminated safety glass in shop fronts will provide the peace of mind if or when an accident or a breach were to happen, and the glass indeed breaks. The risk of anyone sustaining injuries from the shattered glass will be minimal if not zero, When this amazing product gets shattered, it breaks up into small pieces and remain stuck to the foil layer. The pieces do not fall on the floor or create a gaping hole in the shop front window.

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