Window Replacement Perth

Window Replacement Perth

shop-front-window-replacement-1-300x225 Window Replacement PerthDo you need Window Replacement Perth? Whether it’s

  • an upgrade from ‘old glass’
  • an efficiency improvement (like energy efficient or soundproofing)
  • a security improvement (like burglar proofing or safety),
  • or an emergency repair

Jim’s Glass has all your window needs covered!

What is ‘Old Glass’?

Older homes and buildings use glass manufactured using the methods and standards of the day. Modern glass manufacturing techniques enable windows to now be made to comply with Australian Glass safety standards. These glass standards ensure the glass in your home or business is safe. Unfortunately, the older glass may not comply with these newer Australian Glass Standards.

This ‘old glass’ can present security and safety issues. Jims Glass can provide a complimentary window inspection to see if your windows and glass doors are up to the current standard.

A detailed report will be supplied at the completion of our inspection. It will detail any upgrades required to bring your windows up to the current standard safety standards. We also provide a certificate of compliance at the completion of the upgrades.

Energy Efficient Window Replacement Perth

Does your home have lots of windows but you still feel cold during winter or hot during summer?

Energy efficient glass can help keep your home warm in winter. Energy efficient glass will even reduce heating costs during winter. Your home will stay cooler during summer, with lower cooling costs.

Special manufacturing processes enable us to make double, or even triple glazed glass. These insulate the inside of your home from the elements keeping cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Sound Reducing Window Replacement Perth

Do you live or work near a major road or the airport? Then you probably have lots of noise at all hours of the day intruding into your home or business.

Having sound reducing windows installed can reduce the noise significantly. Reducing the sound level by 10dB can halve what is heard by the human ear subjectively.

The average street traffic noise is around 70dB while a conversation is, on average, around 50dB. Installing sound reducing glass can significantly reduce outside noise. You won’t have to repeat yourself, have to shout to be heard or get woken in the middle of the night when a big truck or plane goes past.

Window Replacement Perth for Security and Safety Improvements

Many people are concerned about home security. Does the thought of someone smashing a window to enter your home or business keep you awake at night?

Then you need Burglar Resistant or Safety Glass! While Safety Glass will slow a burglar down, Burglar Resistant will stop them in their tracks. Burglar Resistant Glass is a laminated composite of glass-clad ionoplast (a special type of interlayer).

This layer provides protection against forced breaking or cutting. While the glass can crack, the laminates will prevent it from falling apart which means the window remains intact and impenetrable.

Safety Glass is similar but not as strong which means a breakage will keep the glass intact but repeated attempts will eventually remove the glass from the frame. This is used more as a safety precaution for when breakages occur, keeping the broken glass together rather than spread all over the ground in sharp pieces.

Emergency Window Replacement Perth

If a window breaks, Jims Glass are on standby to come and attend to your Emergency Window Replacement Perth. Our glaziers are ready, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year. It doesn’t matter if it is commercial or a domestic window that needs replacing. It doesn’t even matter if it is not a window but some other piece of glass, like a shower screen, balustrade or a complete shop front.

Our vans are fully equipped and ready to tackle most emergency window repairs. JIms Glass glaziers are also fully trained as either Certified or Master Glaziers. Occasionally we encounter a window that is larger than the replacement window glass we carry on our emergency glazing trucks.

In these cases, we temporarily repair the broken window so it is safe and your home or business is secure. We then place an order for the window glass to be cut in our factory. When this glass window is ready, re re-attend to install the replacement window.

We can even process your insurance claim on the spot! Speak to either the phone operator or glazier about the insurance process.

Other Products

We are capable of other things that are glass too. Like mirrors, table tops, pet doors, shower screens (framed or frameless), splashbacks and frameless systems too like balustrades, stairways and office divisions. We even offer a Property Management service that includes same-day service for jobs placed before 12 pm.

Call our hotline on 131 546 or send an online enquiry for any emergency Window Replacement Perth or for any other enquiries in regards to upgrades or certification requirements.