Window Repairs Perth

Window Repairs Perth

window-glass-replacement-1 Window Repairs PerthSo you have a broken window. What do you do now? Does my insurance cover this? What about the security concerns to property and contents as well as your personal security? I’m sure you have many questions and we can answer them all. For Window Repairs Perth, Jim’s Glass has you covered!

Our glaziers are on standby for Window Repairs Perth, whether it’s an emergency window repair, a shower screen replacement or an upgrade of your existing windows. We provide emergency same day emergency window replacement.

Our window repair vans are fully prepared for broken glass emergencies. We carry safety A-Grade glass in different specifications. we also carry all the tools required for replacement and installation. Our window repairers are licensed professional glaziers who have undergone extensive industry training to be either Certified or Master Glaziers.

Emergency Window Repairs Perth

A broken window leaves you feeling insecure. We will be there as soon as possible to replace the broken window and clean up the broken glass. This will help to restore your sense of security and comfort.

In those rare occasions that the window is bigger than the glass we have onboard the repair van, we will temporarily replace the window. Then we book replacement window glass from our glass factory. When this becomes available, we will replace the temporary window repair with the cut glass. This process may be used for shopfronts and glass doors that require custom cut glass for the window repair.

If you need to clean up any broken glass before we arrive, please remember to take the proper safety measures.

Insurance for Window Repairs Perth

Jims Glass can assist with your insurance claim submission for the window repair. We have strong relationships with all the major insurance companies. Jims Glass are authorised to provide window repairs for most insurance providers. That also applies for glass doors, shopfronts, shower screens, glass tabletops, glass splashbacks and glass pet doors.

Just ask either the phone operator or the glazer about our window repair insurance process. We will help you handle the repair insurance claim. We can take the payment of the excess or full bill, depending on your insurer’s process.

Upgrades for Window Repairs Perth

Want to upgrade your windows in the process? Or maybe you just want to upgrade your windows anyway? No problem. We have many forms of glass available for windows or doors including:

We can even do frameless glass systems for balustrades, stairways and shower screens or whatever your need might be.

We even do other glass products like mirrors, glass table tops, glass pet doors and splashbacks!

Jims Glass also provides a window repair package for Perth Property Managers. This provides a same-day window repair service for jobs placed before 12pm.

Old Glass and Certification Requirements

Do you live in an older home or is your business in an older building? Then the windows might not be up to current Australian Standards! Many older buildings have old glass which can present safety or security issues.

We can provide a complimentary inspection of your windows and doors to see if your glass meets current glass standards. We’ll provide you with a written report detailing any upgrades required to bring your windows back up to the current Australian Standards.

We can also arrange to upgrade your windows to the current Australia Standards. When the work has been completed we will provide a certificate of compliance.

Call our hotline on 131 546 or send an online enquiry for any emergency Window Repairs Perth or for any other enquiries in regards to upgrades or certification requirements.