Window Glass Replacement

Window Glass Replacement

call-hotline Window Glass ReplacementYour house windows are your eyes to the world outside. They give us the view of what is going on with the world around us. Jim’s Glass is a leading professional glazing services team, and we can give you window glass replacement that is fast and reliable, guaranteed!

If your home was built prior to 1989, then chances are your home’s windows are still not compliant with current Australian standards. The glass that had been used on your home would be regular glass that can pose a health hazard to you, your family and your neighbours.

Get your home compliant by having a residential window replacement work with glass that follows the current Australian standard AS1288-2006 (Glass in Buildings – Selection and Installation), as well as doing workmanship that is according to glazing code, is what Jim’s Glass is known for.

Only The Best Window Glass Replacement

Jim’s Glass is committed to giving you only the highest quality glass products for your home and business. Replacing your home’s window glass with energy-efficient glass, sound reduction glass or safety glass is the best choice you will ever make as a responsible homeowner. This would ensure that you get your money well-spent.

window-glass-replacement-1 Window Glass ReplacementResidential window replacement with energy-efficient glass can help you save on your heating and cooling costs while increasing your home’s value. Have a sound sleep when you replace your window glass with sound reduction glass! Get peace of mind for your family’s safety around glass in your home with safety glass window replacement.

Jim’s professional glazing team ensures that every job is done with the highest level of workmanship that complies with the current Australian glazing code. With this, you can be assured that every work done by Jim’s expert glaziers for your home or business is done right the first time!

Jim’s Glass is a leader in commercial window replacement. Known for shopfront window replacements, Jim’s Glass can customise the look and cut of your shopfront to make sure that you look the best.

Customise your Window Glass Replacement

window-glass-replacement2 Window Glass ReplacementJim’s Glass can customise any window glass design shape and whatever you have in your mind because we are a leading expert in glass customisation. Utilising the best equipment, tools, and fully qualified tradesmen in the glazing world, you can be assured that you will get the perfect windows all the time with Jim’s Glass.

Shapes, sizes, and finishes are things that we do well, and design and installation is what we are great at! Jim’s Glass can help you get your window replaced when they are broken or if you simply want to give your home its much needed compliance upgrade.

With Jim’s professional glazing team undergoing continuous skills enhancement and training, you can be sure that you get fully qualified glaziers who are up-to-date with state-of-the art glazing trends and techniques. This can help you achieve the glazing look and efficiency that you need, as well as the perfect window frame replacement whenever you need it.

Convenience And Expertise At Your Fingertips

residential-glass-replacement4-225x300 Window Glass ReplacementA broken window needs to be replaced fast and reliably. With Jim’s Glass emergency window replacement, you can rely on 24 hours emergency service.

Getting things done through your insurance? Jim’s Glass is an accredited name in the insurance world. We can help you file your claim!

Don’t wait any longer for solutions to your glazing needs. Whether it is for a residential window replacement or commercial window replacement, get Jim’s Glass to do the job for you. Call 131 546 and get a complimentary measure and quote. Never settle for anything other than the best!