Window Frame Replacement

Window Frame Replacement

Windows protect our homes from intruders; provide natural lighting into the house and isolate us from the heat and cold of outside. When a window frame is damaged or deteriorates, it’s important for your families safety and comfort to attend to the Window Frame Replacement as soon as possible. ensuring your home’s windows frames are in good condition will also help your home to be more energy-efficient.

How does a window work?

A window is made of a glass panel, surrounded by the window frame, and includes working components like the hinge, window lock, and other attachments that make the window work properly. The glass and the components are attached to the window frame itself. The window frame holds everything together and is usually made of wood or metal.

Why should a Window Frame be Replaced?

window-frame-replacement Window Frame ReplacementA window frame can deteriorate from too much exposure to the weather. If the window frame is made of wood and not painted properly or maintained it can rot. Some window frames are made from steel which will rust and can be eaten away if not maintained correctly.

When the window frame deteriorates, the window’s hinges or sliders can get jammed and become inconvenient or even dangerous to use. A damaged window frame is also less likely to insulate your family from the heat and cold of the weather outside in energy efficiency, and of course a rotting window frame is much less secure, allowing burglars to more easily break into your home.

window-frame-replacement-1-225x300 Window Frame ReplacementWhen your window frame and its components are damaged or deteriorating there are tell-tale signs that they need to be repaired or replaced. Tell-tale signs that indicate a window frame replacement is due would include:

 Stuck or frozen locks or hinges.
 Shaking glass panes can be a sign of overly rusted hinges or locks or deteriorating glazing seals.
 Rot or rust on the window frame

When your wood frame starts to show signs of rot and its paint or metal frames begin to have blister-like rust puffs, it is an obvious sign that you would either need a repair or a replacement.

When your window frame is severely damaged, it can be much less secure, and so an easy way for a burglar to break into your house.

So don’t wait before it’s too late. Have your window frame repaired or replaced in the soonest time possible!

Window Frame Replacement Experts

window-frame-replacement2 Window Frame ReplacementJim’s Glass has an emergency repair and replacement service that is available to you 24/7. Jim’s Glass always has a van ready that is fully equipped to answer any emergency glazing need. With professional glaziers who are licensed and trained to do the job, you can be sure that your emergency glazing needs will be met.

Utilising glazing products and components of the highest quality, installed with workmanship that is according to the glazing code, you can be assured that your repair or replacement project is in good hands! Whether you need help with your glass panel, window frame and its components, bank on the reliable and fast service of Jim’s Glass.

window-frame-replacement2-1-225x300 Window Frame ReplacementDon’t sacrifice your peace of mind. Make sure of your home’s security, energy efficiency and beauty. Rely on the professional team that gives you a helping hand when you need it.

With 24 hours a day, seven days of the week, you can be sure that Jim’s Glass is here to help.

Call 131 546 and get the expert window frame repair and replacement service only from the best, Jim’s Glass!