Shower screen repair

Why You Should Never DIY A Shower Screen Repair

Leave Your Shower Screen Repairs To The Professionals! 

Thinking about adding a new shower screen to your bathroom? Or are you in the process of designing this new space for your home? Whatever your situation may be, a shower screen is essential to completing the task. If you are thinking about having a crack at installing a shower screen yourself, we strongly urge you to reconsider.

Our team at Jim’s Glass have years of experience bringing homes a range of different shower screens in many applications and layouts. If you need a new shower screen, it’s time to call Jim’s Glass to lighten the load, and ensure a high-quality end product!


Primarily, the main reason you shouldn’t undertake a shower screen repair or replacement on your own is due to safety. Glass can be incredibly unpredictable, especially when broken. There are multiple considerations and safety precautions involved during the installation or repair of any glass product.

At Jim’s Glass, our professional glaziers have worked with glass for many years, and have developed a core understanding of how to repair it with safety as a priority. To avoid any nasty accidents, always let professionals handle glass-related tasks.


Many considerations need to be made to make sure that the installation of your shower screen will benefit you long term. While you make think that the way you have approached the installation of a glass product is secure, you may not have the expertise and knowledge to of know exactly what is required.

At Jim’s Glass, we are diligent with shower screen installation to make sure that the end product is secure for the long-term. We are aware that every job is different and requires an approach that makes sure all of its working components will last.

To ensure that your shower screen looks appealing, you should always use the professionals like the team at Jim’s Glass.


It doesn’t take much for the glass to look out of place in a bathroom. Often, the key to ensuring that a private bathroom looks the way you envision it is to maintain symmetry. At Jim’s Glass, we know what needs to be done to make sure a glass product is balanced and cohesive within its new space.

By attempting to install or repair a shower screen on your own, you can expose yourself and your property to many long-term dangers. If you are looking to fix a crack in your shower screen, or install something new, contact Jim’s Glass today for professional service and the broadest range of products.