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Why You Should Always Hire A Glazier With Warranty!

Get The Job Done Correctly… Guaranteed!

When it comes to working with glass, there are significant dangers that can present themselves at any time. It is why you should always hire a professional glazier for any glass related projects you have around the home. However, hiring the right glazier is far more complicated than calling the first company that pops up on Google. Because glass work is such a delicate profession, it is essential that the glazier you hire not only holds all of the qualifications and experience required but also provides you with some warranty for their products and their work quality.

Many times we hear stories of people hiring less than impressive glaziers, and being left with an unprofessional job which can present as a danger to themselves and their family. Why invest in such a critical project if it is not backed by some insurance or peace of mind?

At Jim’s Glass, we are aware of the dangers that can present themselves when it comes to working with glass. If not handled correctly it can shatter at any time during installation, and if not installed correctly, can cause problems further down the line. While we take extreme pride in our team and their craft, we understand that sometimes accidents do happen. At Jim’s Glass, all of our glass products and installations are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind you deserve!

To know more about our lifetime guarantee warranty service, keep reading:

Our Team

At Jim’s Glass, every member of our glazier team is qualified in at least Certificate 3 Glass and Glazing, and undergo regular professional development to ensure that we have the best glaziers in the business.

We also understand the anxiety that can come with letting a stranger in your Adelaide home. It is why every member of our glazier team has undergone a full police clearance and has public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Just know that when you call the Jim’s Glass team, you can rest assured we will complete the job to the highest possible standard, by Australian glazier standards and that you and your family are safe.

Our Lifetime Guarantee!

We issue a certificate of compliance and provide a lifetime guarantee with all of our products and services.  

All of our products are from Australia and from overseas but built to comply with Australian standards. These high-quality materials, as well as our professional craftsmanship, means that we can back our work up with confidence; Jim’s Lifetime Guarantee!

It means that at any stage that there may be a fault with the glass or craftsmanship, we will cover it and immediately repair or replace your product!

First Class Professional Adelaide Glaziers with a Lifetime Guarantee!

If you’re looking for an Adelaide glazier, look no further than Jim’s Glass! With years of experience and a passion and commitment to our customers, you can rest assured that you are investing in a service that prioritises your peace of mind. Call Jim’s Glass Today!