Why Semi-frameless Shower Screens Are So Popular

Transform Your Bathroom With A Semi-frameless Shower Screen!

We want our bathrooms functional, yet chic, and modern at the same time. The trend towards minimalism, bright spaces and continuous lines in design, which homes magazines have projected to last longer, fits very well into the scheme. All for good reason! By making the separation of the shower stall and the vanity area brighter and clutter-free, it offers the illusion of bigger bathroom space and an overall “clean” feel. This separation is the perfect solution for maintaining functionality (so it is more in keeping with its purpose) and timeless sophistication for the home’s value and marketability.

One of the elements that catch the eye, and has been used to achieve this style is by using semi-frameless shower screens. It is constructed from 6mm toughened glass for durability. The frameless door has smooth, polished edges, and is available either as pivot or hinged. This shower door can complete the experience each time you step into the space that many consider sacred. Having more glass and less aluminium gives it the visual appeal. It is no wonder that semi-frameless shower screens are so popular.

Why don’t you join this select group who had the sense to turn the mundane into amazing by installing semi-frameless shower screens? Here are some of the reasons why it has won the hearts of many homeowners:

Appeals to Everyone’s Taste

With the variety of choices available, it is sure to please everyone. You can choose from a wide range of glass styles, frame colours/ finishes and hardware styles. The Jim’s team will leave you a shower that has a custom one-of-a-kind enclosure.

Easy on the Budget

As compared to the frameless unit, the semi-frameless screen is much more budget-friendly, and you get a unit that is very close to the look of this counterpart by opting to go with a bypass or frameless shower screen. This variant has a metal frame around the whole enclosure but none along the perimeter of the door.

You Get a Shower That Is Structurally Stable

As beautiful as a frameless shower door looks, the semi-frameless gets the prize for making the shower more structurally stable. At Jim’s Glass, you can be confident that you will get premium construction and expert installation. We only used the best materials in the market, ensuring quality and durability. You can trust that we know our glass at Jim’s.

Our showroom offers a vast array of premium semi-frameless shower screens that are modern and sleek. The selection includes a wide variety of glass and options on hardware styles and finishes to ensure that it integrates well into the design.

At Jim’s Glass, we will never compromise quality, so we only deploy glaziers who have completed training and continues to train professionally which ensures the success of your project – guaranteed. We also believe that when it comes to glass, we can give you the perfect balance in functionality and aesthetic. So let us customise the ideal bathroom that suits you.

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