Why Safety Glass Is The future

Four Reasons Why Safety Glass Is the Future:

Many Australian homes and businesses are taking a huge risk by having old glass in the windows and doors of their properties. Old glass breaks easier, offers less security and fails to control noise penetration. Even worse, many of these glass panels are not compliant with the latest building standards and pose a potential threat to the health & safety of those inside.  Safety glass offers many benefits over the traditional glass, and here we’ll cover four of the most important reasons why safety glass is the way forward.

Greater Security, Greater Peace of Mind

Burglars across Australia are currently delighted with the number of people and businesses who have older glass installed in their properties. Older glass makes it extremely easy for a nasty character to enter your property and make off with your valuables. Safety glass offers both a physical and psychological deterrent to thieves and dramatically reduces the risk of a successful break-in. It means that you can relax and rest easy through the night knowing that your property, family and business are secure.

Reduces the Risk of Injury

Accidents happen; poorly aimed soccer balls, toddlers with poor balance and very high winds are all potential disasters for traditional old glass. When old glass breaks, and it tends to do that quite easily, it shatters into many dangerous shards which can cause grave injury to those who are unfortunate enough to come into contact with them. When safety glass breaks, it crumbles into small, blunt pieces instead of shattering into sharp shards. It gives you greater confidence that even if the worst should happen, it’s likely that no one involved in the accident will be seriously injured. Check out Kidsafe Australia’s factsheet regarding child accident prevention and safety glass here.

More Focus & More Relaxation

For many of us living in urban areas, persistent low-level noise from cars, planes, trains and the street can disrupt our days and negatively affect our quality of life. Indeed, research shows that chronic exposure to noise may be one of the driving factors behind increasing levels of stress, anxiety and depression. We need silence to recuperate, to concentrate and to relax. Due to its unique structure, safety glass can significantly reduce the amount of noise that penetrates your office or your home which leaves you with less stress, more focus and a greater sense of peace and calm in a rushed and busy world.

Keeps Your Space Looking Great

UV rays from the Australian sun damage your carpets and furniture, causing them to fade over time. Traditional glass allows a much large amount of UV rays into your home or office space which means that your interior will start to look older sooner. Safety glass blocks 97% of all UV rays and will keep people wondering if you’ve just got a new carpet laid down or bought a new sofa for years to come!

Let’s Get You Set Up

If you’re keen to enjoy a safer home or office, with reduced noise pollution and UV penetration from outside, while at the same time making sure no one gets needlessly injured then you need to have safety glass installed on your property.

Jim’s glass offers a complimentary inspection service with a full written report on what changes you need to make to be up to date with the very latest in building requirements. We can then arrange an installation with one of our expert glaziers. All of our work comes with a lifetime guarantee on glazing. Additionally, If you’re a business looking to comply with Australian law, then our glaziers can supply you with a certificate of compliance upon completion of the necessary work.

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