Why safety glass is important in Doors and full length windows

Many older homes, even those built in the 70s and 80s, commonly have float glass fitted into the windows and doors. Float glass can be very dangerous when broken, as it breaks into sharp, razor like shards that can cause serious injury.

Current Australian Standards for glass and glazing specifies that glass in or next to a door, or a window that can be mistaken for a door (for example, a window that extends to within 200mm of floor level) must be glazed with safety glass. This means that even if a current door or full length window has float glass, if it breaks it must be replaced with safety glass. This is not a requirement just to cost you more money, it’s a vital element in ensuring the safety of your family.

Safety Glass is specially designed that when it breaks it is safe and won’t cause injury, whereas float glass is very dangerous when broken. Imagine tripping over and falling through a float glass window; it will cause you serious injury, lacerations and even possibly death. If you have a home built prior to 1990 and you are concerned about the type of glass in your doors and full length windows, call Jim’s on 131 546 for a complimentary safety inspection. Be safe, not sorry.