Glass Splashback

Why Everyone Is Choosing Glass Splashbacks For Their Kitchen

Choosing A Kitchen Glass Splashback:

Glass splashbacks have become increasingly popular through the years, and once you get to know the facts, it’s easy to see why. Apart from looking amazing, glass splashbacks add many hidden advantages to your home and kitchen space.

It can be understandably overwhelming to select a splashback with the seemingly endless options on the markets these days. However, glass splashbacks are emerging from the crowded market as a winner, and the team at Jim’s can expertly install one for you.

So, what benefits can you get from a glass splashback? And why should you consider one for your home? Continue reading to find out why glass splashbacks are the superior choice.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike tile splashbacks, glass splashbacks don’t have any grout, and therefore no scum builds up, and they are exceedingly easy to clean. All you need to clean your glass splashbacks is a simple glass cleaner, and you can wipe away any dirt to leave a shiny finish.

Mould and fungus can be an unfortunate problem in many kitchen spaces, but with glass splashbacks, you’ll have no trouble maintaining a clean and sanitary area for your family.

Striking and Modern

Regardless of how your kitchen is decorated, glass splashbacks deliver a modern yet timeless look. Additionally, glass splashbacks provide your kitchen space with more light and create a brighter and more open atmosphere.

The free-flowing look that glass splashbacks offer will make your kitchen feel more extensive and more spacious as there won’t be any jarring joining lines in sight. It’s up to you what colour you want for your glass splashbacks, but a contrasting colour to your cupboards can create a stunning visual.

It’s also much more straightforward to match your glass splashbacks with your benchtop. Creating a cohesive looking kitchen is crucial as you use the space frequently and want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Hire the Professional Glaziers

The skilled team at Jim’s Glass have a wealth of experience working in Adelaide kitchens and have successfully cut to fit countless glass splashbacks. Not only are our glaziers outstandingly qualified, but they also offer sound advice regarding your glass splashbacks and the various options you have moving forward.

Glass installation should be reserved for seasoned and trusted professionals at Jim’s. We can help you achieve a solution that’s ideal for your existing home; cut and install the glass in a timely and efficient manner.

If you’ve been thinking about glass splashbacks and how they can enhance your home, then call the friendly team at Jim’s Glass today. We will assist you and offer a free no-obligation measure and quote.

Speak with Jim’s today and have pride in your kitchen tomorrow!