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Why Every Shower Screen Should Have Safety Glass!

The Importance Of Using Safety Glass

While your shower screen is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any Adelaide bathroom, many homeowners are put off by the fear that it could shatter at any time which could potentially result in damaging injuries. We hear of horror stories where people have nearly lost limbs and even their lives because of the damages caused by glass shower screens shattering.

These examples are exactly why the use of safety glass in all Australian homes is so meaningful. Australia now has stringent laws about the types of glass that can and can’t be used in new shower screens, and at Jim’s Glass, we pride ourselves for always providing a glass shower screen service that not only abides by these Australian laws but exceeds them.

Keep reading to discover why and how we use safety glass with every job!

What Is Safety Glass?

Safety glass has safety features that make it less likely to break, or if broken to pose less of a threat. These safety glass types can include toughened glass and laminated glass. Toughened safety glass is constructed by heating the glass to increase its strength compared to that of ordinary glass. Doing so ensures that the glass is stronger and more durable than regular glass, and in the event of it breaking it crumbles into chunks rather than shards, causing less injury.

Laminated safety glass, on the other hand, will hold together when shattered because in the event of breaking it is held together by the laminated interlayer. This interlayer will keep the glass bonded even when broken. This type of glass is often used in applications where there is the possibility of the human impact in the place the glass could fall on if shattered.

We Are Committed To Making Your Home Safe

Many Australian homes and business have old glass that doesn’t comply with the current Australian Building standards, and therefore present as a security or safety risk. Replacing low-level glass panels and glass doors with safety glass will ensure your home is in line with the appropriate building requirements.

Because we hold to our promise of providing our customers with the best, we offer a complimentary inspection service to assess the safety of your home or businesses glass and glass shower screens. Our detailed inspection report will outline areas that need to be completed and upgraded, as well as providing you with a certificate of Australian safety glass compliance.

If you’re looking for a professional glazier service, that will ensure your home is compliant, and there is no compromising your family’s safety, give the team at Jim’s Glass a call today!