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Why do my windows need to be made of safety glass?

Do My Windows Need To Be Made Of Safety Glass?

In Perth, we often find that there are homes and businesses that have windows that are not comprised of safety glass. At Jim’s Glass, we believe that the incredible capabilities of safety glass situate the material as a premier option for security and safety for both homes and businesses. If you are unsure why this product is so important, we are here to tell you just how vital safety glass can be.

Created with a longer process that involves laminating the glass and increasing its strength, safety glass is designed to be tougher than traditional variants. Without comprising the look of traditional glass, this solution should be considered for your next Perth window replacement. If you don’t think you need a window replacement, you should consider the fantastic attributes of safety glass today.

Prevent shattering

In the unfortunate event of a break, the laminate will hold the broken fragments of the glass together. This not only makes it easier to remove but if necessary, it is easier for the glass specialists at Jim’s Glass to remove the broken piece with ease. This ensures the safety of the surrounding areas by avoiding sharp fragments littering the area. This also makes it difficult to compromise the glass from the outside, adding more security to the property.

If there is a possibility of human interaction around the surrounding area, such as residential windows, safety glass for a window replacement is essential.

Heat treated

Heat treating is a process that safety glass is subject to that highlights the strength of the materials. Making it stronger, and more cohesive means that in the event of a break that DOES shatter the window into pieces, there will be larger clumps rather than the small, difficult to clean-up fragments. This is another safety precaution that can reduce the risk of injury in the event of a window break.

Similarly, stronger glass adds another layer of security to your Perth property. If you are undertaking window replacement, adding safety glass is a great way to ensure that any unlikely intruders will have a difficult time smashing the windows.

Australian Standards

Often, we see Perth homes and businesses who have windows that do not adhere to Australian standards. As Australian Glass and Window Association AGWA accredited installers, we make sure that any window replacement we undertake adheres to safety and security standards. Some of the older Perth properties have old glass that doesn’t adhere to the correct Australian standards and can pose a safety or security risk. Therefore, a window replacement with safety glass should be the highest priority.

For peace of mind, and extra security and safety, safety glass is the perfect solution. If you think its time for an upgrade, or you have experienced a few cracks here of there, contact Jim’s Glass for all of your Perth window replacement needs.