Shower Screen Adelaide

Why A Jim’s Glass Shower Screen Beats The Rest!

Why Choose Jims Glass?

A shower screen is a fundamental part of every private bathroom. It is responsible for containing water to a particular area, and consequently keeping the area safe, without disrupting the look. The installation or replacement of a shower screen is a careful process and one that must be completed by professionals.

At Jim’s Glass, we have the utmost confidence in the product we bring to South Australian homes. If you are looking to replace a broken shower screen, or find a product that is suited for the new bathroom you are designing, look no further than Jim’s Glass.


We pride ourselves on our expertise to bring our customers a range of different shower screen options. Giving you, the homeowners, ultimate flexibility over what your bathroom will look. We consistently endeavour to bring new designs to life and using our broad range of options; you will be able to create something that is truly unique with Jim’s Glass. If you aren’t sure which option best suits you, our team will help you make a decision.


There is an extraordinary measure of versatility in framed shower screens. At Jim’s Glass, we offer our clients the broadest range of frame finishes available, to ensure that they can find a solution that matches the rest of their property. Bathrooms are about cohesion, and with a framed shower screen, you can match your tapware to the frame for ultimate durability and aesthetic. Our colours include all of the standard options, plus a few that add flair to your space.


With the frameless and semi-frameless options, we are giving you the opportunity to decrease patience required to maintain a shower screen. Rather than having to clean out the frame for dirt and grime (which can be incredibly unhygienic), you will be able to wipe the glass to maintain the transparency.

With a shower screen installed by the glass professionals, you decrease the likelihood of breakages or resealing.


You are never more unsafe and vulnerable than when you are in the shower. At Jim’s Glass, we make it our absolute priority to ensure that our shower screens are securely and tightly installed. By selecting to have your shower screen installed by Jim’s Glass, you are choosing to keep your bathroom area safe for as long as possible.

During the installation process, we know all the necessary precautions that need to be undertaken to ensure that the glass is secure and safe.

If you are looking for a professional installation of a high-quality shower screen in your bathroom, look no further than Jim’s Glass. With customer satisfaction and safety as our highest priorities, you will not be disappointed.