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Why A Frameless Shower Screen Is The Ultimate Way To Go!

Frameless Shower Screens Are The Way To Go:

It’s the smallest details that pull a home together with elegance. Every space is an opportunity to establish balance, function and beauty. Your bathroom doesn’t have to lack the luxury of great design. The best way to take your bath to the next level and achieve a polished and sophisticated look is by choosing frameless shower screens.

Set the Mood

Your shower should be a haven of tranquillity and style. Your shower is not only an element of design. Stepping into your shower should be relaxing. It’s a hot shower that helps you unwind after a long day. Many of our most brilliant ideas and best singing performances take place there!

Your shower is the spot you’ll use to pamper yourself and get ready for a new day of adventures, which is why it pays to make it as luxurious as possible. Give your bathroom a refresh with frameless shower screens. Installing frameless shower screens will enable you to remove unsightly visual clutter.  That way you can create the right ambience that feels clean, relaxing and refined.

Clean Look, Clean Surface

By installing a frameless shower screen, you can highlight your bathroom with clean lines and polished finishes. Not only will your shower shine with symmetry, but it will be sparkling clean too. No frames mean providing no space for sneaky germs and dirt to hide and thrive. Your best bet to spending less time cleaning and worrying is opting for frameless shower screens.

The Illusion of Space

We can all agree that when it comes to your home, bigger is better. If you aren’t blessed with a large bathroom, frameless shower screens can be the solution. The clear glass panels make space seem more open and help create the illusion of a more spacious room.

Choose Jim’s for Your Frameless Shower Screen

If you are going big, do it right. Leave your vision of luxury to the experts. Jim’s glass glaziers have the latest custom software to measure and design. It allows them to create a frameless shower screen made to fit your space to perfection.  Your frameless shower screen can be installed and ready to go 14 days after the initial measurement. Best of all, by choosing Jim’s experienced glaziers, their design services will be provided to you free of charge.

Jim’s glass is a synonym for quality. Your frameless shower screen will be made of A-grade glass of the highest quality. Compliant with Australia’s current standards, Jim’s glass panels guarantee beauty and safety. Our wide selection of high-quality handles and hinges leave no room for disappointment.

Get your Frameless Shower Screen Today!

Your home deserves a bathroom that looks its best, and you deserve to work with glaziers willing to go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction. Go for the best look, materials and craftsmanship for your bathroom needs. Call Jim’s glass at 131 546 and get a quote for your frameless shower screen and our many other bathroom solutions today.