Which Glass Splashback Is Right For Your Adelaide Home?

Custom Designed Splashbacks

Your Adelaide home’s kitchen splashback plays a significant role in not only the aesthetic side of your home but also your kitchen’s functionality. In recent years the humble splashback has moved away from being strictly practical to the focal point of your kitchen space.

However, like any home improvement, it can be a daunting task choosing the right splashback. Which material is going to function and look its best for you? Here at Jim’s Glass, we have a solution! Our glass splashbacks prove to be durable, attractive and functional making them the ideal splashback solution for your Adelaide home.

With over 30 years of industry experience, our team has the knowledge and experience to fit your home with a premium, custom-made to measure splashback promptly and professionally every time.

To find out how a glass splashback from Jim’s Glass can transform your Adelaide home, keep reading:

Superior Finish

Glass splashbacks offer you a superior finish that other splashback materials lack. Unlike tiles, our glass splashbacks have no grout lines or joints, meaning that they won’t trap unwanted dirt and bacteria. Resulting in a splashback solution that is the ultimate in cleanliness and hygiene – perfect for a kitchen environment!

Endless Options

With hundreds of colour combinations available, there is something to suit every Adelaide home’s kitchen. Our professional team is eager and able to work with you and your kitchen designers to plan and create your perfect splashback. We will work with you to select a glass splashback that suits and complements the colour scheme of your home perfectly!

Unmatched Durability!

All of our splashbacks are made from Australian compliant safety glass, providing you with a surface that is not only stronger than tiles but one that is also durable enough to last a lifetime is fully scratch-resistant and will not discolour over time!

Apply Anywhere!

Traditionally, glass splashbacks were for the kitchen only. However, with our renowned technology and professional expertise, a Jim’s Glass splashback solution can be applied anywhere your imagination desires!

Our installations are custom-sized, meaning that no matter what your kitchen, bathroom or laundry design is, we will craft a glass splashback that will fit your interior or exterior space perfectly! All of our glass splashbacks will be installed with no mess and are fuss-free in just a few hours, ready for you to use straight away!

If you’re looking to add a sense of sophistication and style to your Adelaide home, then a glass splashback is the way to go.