Glass Replacement

Which Glass Is Best for Your Shopfront? Find Out Here!

The Best Glass For Your Shopfront 

While it may be the typical idea that the best way to protect your business is with security systems like alarms, locks and cameras, at Jim’s Glass, we find that people often neglect the strength of their glass shopfront window. To make sure about the highest level of protection possible, you need to consider your shopfront window as an essential part of your business’ security.

Whether it is the result of an accident or an intentional burglary, it is time to consider the strength of your glass as a priority. If you are wondering how glass quality may affect your business, we are here to inform you and help if necessary.


One of the most reliable ways to ensure that broken glass doesn’t cause trouble for your business is to undertake repairs as soon as possible. Our mobilised team of professional glaziers are well-equipped and available 24/7 to handle glass repair and replacement.

If replacement is required, our team of professional glaziers make it our priority to ensure an effective installation so that the new glass adheres to standards. It will restore safety and help ensure the highest level of protection for years to come. Our team has the knowledge and understanding to select an option and installation process that suits the unique traits of your particular business.


At Jim’s Glass, we will help you ascertain the strength and quality of your current shopfront window. Many old properties around South Australia still have glass shopfront windows that do not adhere to the current Australian standards. If you are looking to be proactive and ensure cohesiveness in your property, give our team a call, and we can supply you with a certificate of compliance.

There are certain variations of glass that may be suited to your property – whether this is scratch-resistant glass to ensure against vandalism for your that your shop front or provide models that are energy efficiency for those looking to save!

New Construction

At Jim’s Glass, we can help you from the beginning. If you are constructing a commercial property, ensuring that the glass materials are suitable from the beginning is paramount. Involving ourselves in the building process is how we make sure the longevity of your glass materials. We will help you select a product that is suited for the design-type. We offer comprehensive quoting, so you have access to all of the available options, allowing you to make a decision that suits you.

If your desire is to make sure that your property houses the best possible glass product, call Jim’s Glass today. With several years of experience working with commercial properties, we know what is best for durability and longevity!

To organise a quote, or seek emergency repair, call Jim’s Glass today!