Which Glass is Best for My Shopfront?

Looking To Replace Your Shopfront Window?

Your shopfront glass is the window that you use to show off your most appealing products, so it would only make sense to utilise glass that will demonstrate what you have to offer in its the best light. Jim’s Glass has glaziers with the skills to design and implement all kinds of shopfront glass in line with what suits the customer best.

If what you need is new shopfront glass that is up-to-code and installed within a specific deadline, then you need the team at Jim’s Glass. We have delivered unique and high-quality shopfront glass fittings as well as completed upgrades for countless Adelaide businesses over the years.

Our industry experience is unmatched in Adelaide, and we pride ourselves on our speedy services as well as our outstanding knowledge in the field of glass, including shopfront glass. We specialise in outfitting large shopfront glass areas such as shopping centres and have the tools and resources to complete these large-scale jobs promptly.

If you’re wondering about what your needs are when it comes to shopfront glass, then the team at Jim’s is only a phone call away. We offer a complimentary design and quote service to allow you to consider the various options available to you for your shopfront glass.

Improve the Visual Appeal of Your Business

The very first thing a customer notices when walking past your store will be what you place directly behind your shopfront glass. It’s imperative to enhance what you’re presenting with an aesthetically pleasing shopfront glass framing.

Whether you want to opt for the stylish and sleek frameless glass system or the more inexpensive but still wonderfully effective semi-frameless system is entirely up to you, and our team will discuss with you the budget you have set and how to make it work best with your vision.

Burglar-Resistant Glass

If you display expensive goods, then it may be worth considering burglar-resistant glass for your shopfront. The headaches of dealing with insurance companies after a break-in can be an absolute nightmare, so make sure you never have to with Jim’s burglar-resistant glass.

We can install upgraded glass today, which is incredibly high-impact resistant and a has a more robust inner layer to protect from thrown bricks, sledgehammers and axes. Often, areas with large glass appear as an easy entry for intruders, but with this upgrade from Jim’s, you won’t have to worry whatsoever.

Do It All with Jim’s!

Whether it’s an emergency repair, upgrading to the new legal codes or completing a modern shopfront glass fit out, Jim’s has you covered. We can also supply and fit all internal glass shop fitting requirements including mirrors, countertops and colour-backed glass or splashbacks.

So, call the friendly team at Jim’s today and get all your glass needs completed in one!