What’s the Deal with Safety Glass

8-300x200 What’s the Deal with Safety Glass

While, in some cases, glass can be stronger than metal in the appropriate ratios and measurements, sometimes these setups just aren’t viable or feasible with your current space or budget. In years past, this led to people shying away from the widespread use of glass in large scale construction, except in the case of conservatories or windows. This is a new time, however, and technology has come to the point where we have several safe and durable alternatives within our easy grasp.

Safety glass is a relatively broad term that encompasses all glass that has been treated or otherwise modified for added strength and durability. It aims to decrease the risk of injury in situations where glass can compromise safety. It can generally be divided into two major types, which are both commonly used all over the world in commercial and private buildings alike. The two types of safety glass are:

  • Toughened glass. Often called tempered glass since heat and temperature plays a big part in its strengthening. Toughened glass has been treated to withstand higher amounts of force and pressure. Its key element is that if ever it breaks, it does so in small chunks, instead of those sharp pieces that can cut and stab. These are an ideal choice for commercial buildings, since it minimises the risk to your customers.
  • Laminated glass. This type essentially works the same as tempered glass, except that it is even further secured by a specially treated laminate that is placed between more layers of glass. This keeps the structure of the glass intact, even when some parts of it have already shattered. This also means that the glass will not break into pieces, but simply crack and bend as a whole, making it the go-to choice for high duty situations.

Keeping your home or business safe and secure should be a top priority for anyone. Companies like the experts at Jim’s Glass specialise in the installation and replacement of windows with their safer variants. If you think it’s high time you secure your property (and it is!), call 131 546 for a complimentary quote for your glass needs.