What Sort of Glazier Services Do Jim’s Glass Offer?

All Your Glazing Needs Sorted!

While our name certainly gives you a hint about what services we offer, not everyone knows the breadth and scope of our professional glazier work. From emergency replacements to domestic projects and commercial work, if there is glass involved, you can bet that we’ve done it. If you’re wondering if we can undertake your next professional glazing venture, then read on to understand fully the services we provide; we ‘re sure you’ll agree that we’re the men for the job.

Emergency Replacements

At Jim’s Glass, we say that broken glass doesn’t need to be like a broken heart. While a broken heart can take many months to fix, we’ll fix your broken glass in a matter of hours! If you have a budding Jim Stines miskick his ball through your living room window or if you’re business premises has fell victim to an attempted break-in we know how critical it is to rectify the situation in a hurry. Our emergency repair response team are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to get your glass fixed as fast as possible and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Local Services

We also offer a full selection of local glazing services.

If you have glass that needs replacing at home, from windows to shower screens and table tops to mirrors, we offer prompt and reliable glass replacement services right when you need them. We can install safety glass or energy-efficient glass to upgrade the value and safety of your home and additionally we offer a comprehensive glass insurance service. All our professional domestic glazing comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you know that you’re local glazing needs are in the best hands.


In addition to our domestic offerings, we also provide extensive commercial services. If you’re looking to get a flash, new frameless glass shopfront or upgrade your office with some beautiful glass partitions, then Jim’s got you covered. We regularly install safety glass in business premises to improve their level of security and reduce the chances of a successful break-in. We understand how vital commercial glazing projects can be and especially when budget and time restrictions are tight. We will work with you on a glass project you can be proud of. We stand by the quality of our work, and just like our domestic services, all of our commercial glazing comes with a lifetime warranty as standard.

Let’s Work Together

As professional glaziers, we strive to offer practical, beautiful and professional glazing services across domestic and commercial environments. As always, when you contact Jim’s Glass, you’ll get a free consultation and quote for your project. So, whatever your needs, there’s no excuse not to bite the bullet! The correct answer to the question of “What type of glazing services does Jim’s offer?” is “The best!”.  Call us now to see how we can delight and impress you with your next glass project.