Qualified glazier

What sets Jim’s Glass apart? Are all glaziers fully-qualified & insured?

Residential Window Replacement

When you experience a glass breakage at your residence, time is of the essence. Our windows and glass sliding doors are an essential aspect of home security, keeping inclement weather, creepy crawlies and unsavoury characters out!

The sense of panic around fixing a breakage can lead us to make snap decisions when choosing a residential window replacement service. Do your due diligence when selecting a glazier as it is necessary to secure your residence.

For the same reasons that you want your windows fixed promptly, you’ll want your replacement service to be completed to the utmost standard, using the finest quality glass. You don’t want to pay for another callout and window replacement at your residence when that recently-replaced window cracks or shatters.

To answer the titular query: no, not all glass and window replacement providers will be insured, or have suitable qualifications. Anyone with an incomplete apprenticeship can apply for an ABN and start trading as a glazier, placing a few bogus referrals on their Facebook page to give an air of legitimacy.

So, how can you ensure that your residential window replacement will be up to par? There are some tell-tale indicators that your glazier is highly-trained and experienced in the field.

Membership to the Australian Glass and Glazing Association

Jim’s Glass is a distinguished member of the Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA). The AGWA lays out a strict framework for member accreditation, requiring proof of qualifications and insurance, demonstration of skill and safety compliance, and completion of an AGWA training course. Members of the AGWA will need to have demonstrated proficiency in residential window replacement, to advertise that specific service.

Lifetime guarantee on window replacement

You can’t get a better determinant of a business’ mastery of their craft, than their willingness to extend a lifelong guarantee. At Jim’s Glass, we are so confident in our window replacement service, that if we install a window at your residence that doesn’t last, we won’t rest until you’re satisfied. It just wouldn’t be profitable to offer this guarantee if we were called back time and time again so that you can be sure of our expertise in residential window replacement.

Certificate of compliance with Australian Standards

Australian Standards dictate strict requirements in the provision of services, which certifies their safety and quality. Jim’s Glass provide a certification that all our services, including residential window replacement, are completed in line with AS1288-2006 Glass in Buildings—Selection and Installation.

Fully-qualified & insured

It is a condition of our membership to the AGWA that we provide evidence of our glaziers’ qualifications and comprehensive business insurance. AGWA-certified glaziers must hold a minimum of a certificate III in Glass and Glazing, demonstrate two or more years’ experience post-apprenticeship, provide industry references and an extensive work portfolio. Choose Jim’s Glass for your window replacement service and experience the peace of mind that comes with AGWA’s seal of professionalism.

Choose Jim’s Glass for a residential window replacement service that is second to none

If you’ve experienced accidental glass breakage, you need a residential window repairer that you can trust. Don’t hesitate to call Jim’s Glass for outstanding, professional service and products that have a lifetime guarantee!