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What Questions Should I Ask My Glazier When Getting A Quote?

Common Questions To Ask Your Glazier:

Whether you find yourself in a jam with a broken glass situation, or you are in the midst of a build and looking to install your glass, Jim’s Glass is here to help. When working with your glazier, our team at Jim’s Glass believe that there are a few things you should ask to ensure you are getting the very best service available.

Our team can answer with ease, typical questions that our customers ask during the initial consultation phases. You’ll be glad you called so we can put your mind at rest with the right service. If you are interested as to what these typical questions are, read the following:


You should always ask your glazier about the integrity of your proposed size. It means that if you have large windows or frameless shower screens you need installed, you should ask the glass specialist just how safe the suggested application may be. Our team have seen the vast majority of possible glass applications out there and can help you make an informed design about the realities of your proposed installation.

The size may also refer to just how much glass will be needed, which will undoubtedly influence the net cost. Therefore, it is essential that you drill into the details of available sizes when you are working with your glazier.


Contrary to popular belief, not all glass is the same, especially not with Jim’s Glass. During a quoting phase, it is paramount to ask your glazier about what products are available, and more importantly, what products will suit your particular design. There is a range of products that may be better suited to your property type, budget or lifestyle. Our team of glaziers at Jim’s Glass have all the information you need concerning products and can answer all of your queries in the quoting phases. We can even go as far as to provide you with multiple quotes for the different materials.


When working with glass, prompt and efficient solutions are necessary for any issue or task. That is what our team at Jim’s Glass strive for precisely! When your glazier comes to your property for a measure and quote, one of the first things you should ask is how long the process might take. Our team can provide you with a specific timeframe that is accurate. It is particularly important if the glass installation or replacement will be taking place during a more significant build.

If you ask your glazier about size, products and a predicted timeframe during the quoting phases, you give yourself the immeasurable peace of mind of removing any financial surprises. With Jim’s Glass, we are honest and will answer any question you may have to meet your needs. To arrange for a quote, call Jim’s Glass today!