Pet Door

What Makes Pet Doors Strong And Durable?

Excellent Pet Door Solutions

Our pets are our best friends, always there for us during the good and the bad and so it’s only natural that you want to make their home environment as comfortable as possible even when you’re not there.

A pet door is a perfect way to ensure that your dogs and cats can come and go as they please, providing them comfort and easing their boredom while you’re out for the day. However, when choosing the perfect pet door, you want something that is going to be sturdy and durable for your pets and Perth property, as well.

At Jim’s Glass, we specialise in creating premium pet doors for our Perth clients, that are strong, durable and well installed to ensure they last you and your pets a lifetime!

Got A Glass Door? No Problem!

At Jim’s Glass, we specialise in supplying and installing first-class pet door solutions for even the most complicated door types. Our specially designed pet doors fit into glass doors with ease. Our specialist glazier team has extensive industry experience and will create you a premium pet door solution that will fit in perfectly with the look and feel of your Perth property.

A Pet Door That Also Looks Good? Jim’s Makes It Possible!

Majority of the pet doors on the market aren’t the most attractive things. Many homeowners say that they ruin the overall look of their home. With Jim’s Glass, we have spent countless hours creating a pet door system that provides you with the perfect finish that so many others lack. Our pet doors are made from the highest grade commercial acrylic on the market as well as a double-sided mounting, ensuring that you’ll never have to choose between style and safety.

Upgrade To The Ultimate Convenience!

If you’re worried about neighbourhood pets making use of your pet door, we have an electronic upgrade that will ensure your pet is the only pet to enter through the door. This system is just attached to the underside of your pet door and senses when your pet is approaching through their collar tag.

Pet Door Size

Pets come in many different shapes and sizes so why should there only be one size of pet door? At Jim’s, we have worked with our design team to create two pet door sizes to accommodate all pets, no matter their shape and size.

If you’re looking for an excellent pet door solution for your Perth Property, give the team at Jim’s Glass a call today to organise your free quote!