Frameless Shower Screen

What Is A Semi-Frameless Shower Screen And How Does The Process Differ?

Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

When planning your bathroom, there are numerous options on the market that can influence your overall design. Your shower design is a major focal point in any bathroom, and so ensuring your shower screen ties in well to your design vision is essential.

For those looking for a shower screen solution that helps create the illusion of more space, while also providing you with a stylish and clean finish, you can’t go past a semi-frameless shower screen design from the Jim’s Glass team!

Each member of the Jim’s Glass glazier team is a fully qualified and insured professional, with years of experience, providing you with a shower screen design and installation service you can trust!

To give you a better understanding about the semi-frameless shower screen options we offer, please continue below:

Framed vs. Semi-Frameless, What’s The Difference?

Traditionally, glass shower screens were always surrounded by some sort of frame, which acted as a support system for the design. These traditional shower screen designs have come leaps and bounds over the last 15 years, providing Perth homeowners with much more choice.

In comparison to framed shower screens, semi-frameless options are comprised of a design that includes more glass, and less aluminium with only the perimeter of the structure being framed. This results in a design that proves to be more visually appealing, while still giving homeowners the illusion of space.

Constructed from 6mm Toughened Glass, this is a popular design and will add a splash of style and sophistication within the bathroom. You also have the choice of either a pivot or hinged door and numerous frame colours and glass styles in order to customise your semi-frameless shower screen to suit you.

Benefits of a Semi-Frameless Shower Screen:

Budget Friendly

Semi-frameless shower screens are an ideal way to achieve a chic and modern finish on a budget. At Jim’s Glass, our specialist glazier team will work with you to create a design that fits perfectly within your bathroom taking into consideration your style, bathroom and shower size and budget.

Offer you design flexibility

Each of our semi-frameless shower screens come with choice. At Jim’s Glass, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the ability to customise. Each of our shower screen designs is available in a range of different colours and glass finishes, making it easy for you to create the perfect fit!

Easy to clean

A significant benefit to a semi-frameless shower screen design is how easy they are to clean. This is due to the framing only being around the outside edges of the glass, meaning there are fewer places for the soap scum to build up.

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