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What Are My Bathroom Mirror Options?

Looking For A Bathroom Mirror?

If you are thinking about purchasing a new bathroom mirror for your home or business, our team at Jim’s Glass are here to educate you about the different options out there, and how they may influence the overall makeup of your property.

It is quite easy to think all mirrors are the same – they do have the same surface after all. However, there is a long list of alterations that point to differences; some of which can make a dramatic impact on the final appearance and feel of the mirror. Differentiating between products can be difficult, but the characteristics can make a dramatic difference.


Some of the current mirror edge finishes that are out there include Segmented, Curved, Sandblasted, Etched, Bevelled Edge or Tinted. However, at Jim’s Glass, we find that the most popular option for residential bathroom applications is the Bevelled and Polished finish. This design has an edged edge that is polished, which gives a bathroom mirror (which is commonly frameless) a seamless look of depth. It is a design perfect for bathrooms, as it can match the vast majority of interior designs.

If you are not that confident about your knowledge about styles, the team at Jim’s Glass can educate you on the subtle, yet significant differences in the products.


One of our favourite tasks is helping bring to life a customer’s unique vision. With a custom mirror sizing service, almost any size, orientation, or style is achievable. By choosing to work with Jim’s Glass on your next project, your new mirror that is designed primarily for that space can complement your area. Custom mirror options are available to anyone, and with your choice, in edge, size and installation you have the ultimate freedom over how you want your bathroom to look.

Why Jim’s Glass

Not only are we proud of having access to some of the broadest range of products on the market, but we also emphasise our installation and manufacturing techniques. We love to cooperate with the client, allowing us to go on a journey together, and come up with a bathroom mirror solution that suits all factor of your life from budget to style to personal preference. During early consultation phases, we can give you all the information you may need to help you make a decision.

For all the best information about mirror stock, and for the highest-quality craft available, call Jim’s Glass today. Our team will help you bring your bathroom to life with tailor bathroom mirror services, guaranteed to add some extra flair and practicality to your home. Call Jim’s Glass and ask about mirrors today.