Ways to Keep your Shower Screen Clean

Tips For Keeping Your Shower Screen Clean

In a perfect world, glass shower screens would be self-cleaning and in pristine condition every time we step into it to start the day. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect, and if we neglect to clean our showers regularly, they tend to become a little grubby looking.

Shower screens become spattered with watermarks held on by dried soap and mineral residue from the water, especially hard water. The best news is that with some know-how and a tiny ounce of daily effort you can keep your shower screen sparkling like the day it was installed. Let’s take a look at the best ways to keep your shower screen clean.

Get a Squeegee

We know that mineral build-up and soap scum on your shower screen is what causes it to become cloudy and water-streaked. Well, a squeegee is your daily defence against it! Watermarks and clouding occur when you allow water to air-dry on your shower screen. The water in your shower leaves minerals and soap residue behind to settle on your glass. For a few months, this builds up, and you’re left with a shower screen that looks terrible.

Squeegees are very cheap (we’re talking $2-$3) and you can find them in almost any home depot store – Ikea even sells an unusually cheap and useful version (they also are known as ‘wiper blades’ and look like the tools that window cleaners use). If you want to avoid long-term mineral deposits on your shower screen, then it’s imperative quickly to dry off the glass after every time that you shower. It’s a super-fast process that won’t take you more than 15 seconds per day but will save you an afternoon of hard scrubbing down the line.

When it comes time to clean your bathroom, give your shower screen a good run over with the squeegee and a cleaning product of your choice such as ‘Cif’ and you can say goodbye to cloudy, tiered looking shower screens and hello to the glorious days of sparkling transparency.

Ditch the Soap

We already talked about how soap and minerals have a penchant for sticking to your shower screen, so it only makes sense that if our goal is to keep our screen shimmering, then we must throw the soap bars away, or at least give them to distant relatives as half-hearted gifts.

We’re not at all intimating that you must forgo any body wash – that would be less acceptable than a cloudy shower screen! However, you should consider making the switch to a quality liquid body wash. Liquid body wash will leave significantly less soap scum deposits on your shower screen and will also avoid contributing too much alkalinity to the show which helps bind mineral deposits to the glass.

Waterproof your Glass

A good hydrophobic spray or water repellent will go a long way to prevent water from settling on your shower screen glass. If the water can’t hang around long enough, then it can’t cause a problem. By applying some quality water repellent to your shower screen periodically, you’ll be able to significantly cut down the effort required to clean it when your mother-in-law decides to visit on a whim. Now, isn’t that a whole load of stress avoided?