Where Does Water Go With Glass

blog-135-300x300 Where Does Water Go With Glass

Keeping water where it should be is one thing that many homeowners do their best at. Finding ways to make sure this is achieved is one thing that preoccupies the minds of many.

Keeping water where it should be would also mean taking care of your home’s structure. Making a complete protection and preventive solution for your home bathroom is a wise idea. You do not need a total bathroom renovation just to have it outfitted with these solutions. Glass is always the best cost-effective solution for an updated and functional bathroom.

Glass In The Bathroom

Glass shower screens effectively keep water in the shower area. These are enclosed spaces where water is sure to stay. Homeowners can create their own bath experience by choosing their own design for their personalised glass shower screens. Framed, frameless, or semi-frameless – all these can effectively and elegantly hold water in its place.

Glass splashbacks can adequately protect the wall behind it. Unlike tile splashbacks, there is no ‘in between’ space where soap scum, hard water stains and mildew can grow into. Glass splashbacks resist stains and keep water away from the concrete wall; thus, effectively protecting it from water seeping into the structure itself.

Glass Works

Glass is a material that is hygienic and easy to clean. Moulds do not grow on glass and cleaning is a breeze with the easy spray and wipe technique! Mildew and soap scum is easily wiped off for that sparklingly clean bathroom that you’ve always wanted.

Made from safety A-grade glass; shower screens and splashbacks are safe to have within the home – they can withstand bumps, blows, and scratches. Should they ever break, emergency replacement is readily available with licensed and trusted glazing professionals.

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