Which style of Vanity Mirrors should you choose?

Not many people realize the importance of bathrooms in the home. It is said that the most intimate activities we do daily are done in the bathroom. Most often than not, it is the vanity mirror that becomes the consistent witness of our daily cleaning and hygiene routines.

How important is a vanity mirror

Apart from the usual need to use the vanity mirror when brushing one’s teeth, applying makeup, shaving, hair grooming, etc., a vanity mirror can serve as a self-inspection tool or sometimes a relaxation fixture as well. People have admitted to going inside the bathroom, facing the vanity and just taking deep breaths to calm them down or just to take a time out from chores, stress, etc. Psychologists have agreed that indeed a vanity mirror can be an agent of meditation or introspection.

This is why it is important to have an appropriate, durable and elegant vanity mirror in your bathroom.

Types of Vanity Mirrors

Moving Vanity Mirror – This type of vanity mirror is not fixed onto the wall or the sink panel. This is most of the time chosen for its versatility.

Hanging Vanity Mirror – This is the type of mirror mounted on the wall. This can also be available in various shapes and sizes.

Ledge Vanity Mirrors – This type of mirror comes with additional areas for your make up kit or accessories attached to the mirror itself.

Choosing the best Vanity Mirror

When choosing the best vanity mirror for your bathroom, space has to be taken into consideration. You can match the mirror to the size of your sink or the wall, depending on your choice. It is also advisable to put the vanity mirror between illumination fixtures to further enhance the effect of the mirror.

Next, decide on the material of the mirror frame, you can also opt to go frameless, or semi frameless. Most decorators suggest to homeowners to be sure that the theme of the whole bathroom is in harmony with the type of vanity mirror installed.

As soon as all of the major details are known, it will be easier to decide on additional details like how thick the mirror would be, design, and other features. Since vanity mirrors are such an important fixture in the bathroom, it would be safest to consult with professional mirror experts.

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