Using Mirrors to Decorate Your Home

The use of mirrors in the home is something that gets overlooked by many decorators. Mirrors are very versatile and offer a wide array of design options. Here are a few ideas to help you utilize the use of mirrors in your home.

Bigger Rooms

In small spaces, such as apartments, mirrors are a great way to give the appearance of wide open space. By placing a mirror on the wall opposite a window, will allow you to optimize the view throughout your home. Mirrors are usually inexpensive and very easy to customize them to fit the overall design of your home.


Typically most homes use the fireplace as a focal point of the overall feel and design. You can add a ton more emphasis to the fireplace by hanging a framed mirror above the space. This will give the illusion of a large room and also add some depth to your mantle decor.


You can really spice up a long hallway by adding a group of different shaped mirrors. These mirrors will act as distraction and brighten the lengthy corridor. These hallways usually remain dark and boring, but by using mirrors you can make the hallway a focal point of your home.

Full Length Mirrors

A tall full length mirror is a wonderful way to add decoration to a bedroom corner or large empty bathroom wall. The use of large frameless mirrors will allow a dressing room fee in the bathroom while giving it a stylish originality. A large wall mirror can brighten up the front entrance of your home and utilize the natural sunlight in the corridor.

Mirrors can be used in so many different ways and can be a great way to show off your unique personality. Jim’s Glass custom measures and makes your mirror to perfectly suit the space, ensuring a perfect look and finish. Call Jim’s Glass on 131 546 now for a free measure and quote.