How to Upgrade Your Home

35-300x225 How to Upgrade Your Home

Our homes are the castles in our lives. However, if your home was built before 1989, then chances are the glass used was not according to Australian glass standards. It would be a good idea to upgrade it and for safety’s sake, comply with standards.

Glass breaks easily, that is given. However, if you consider security within the home yet continue enjoying the benefits (and necessities) that glass brings, then it is time to consider upgrading what you have at home. Innovations in the market have proven safety and comfort are readily available in the market today to help homeowners be at par with glass standards.

  • Safety glass. A glass created to break granular chunks rather than splintering into jagged shards. Laminated glass is another great innovation in glass safety, as an interlayer of laminate holds the glass in place even if it breaks.
  • Energy-efficient glass. There is no insulation benefit from ordinary glass pane; however, insulated glass can trap the heat in and keep the cold out (or vice versa). This means improving your power bills as your heating and air-conditioning would be able to function properly without loss of heat or cold.
  • Sound reducing acoustic glass. A laminated glass that can reduce unwanted outside noise of up to 34% and reap the benefits of having insulated glass installed in your house. Protect yourself from the noise outside!

These are smart innovations for your home that can help you save money, and increase safety for the good of your family. These are shifts that upgrade your home and make it up to standards, as well as improve living conditions within your home.

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