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Update Your Adelaide Bathroom Today With A Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

How Can A Semi-Frameless Shower Screen Transform My Bathroom?

Finding practical and stylish ways to complement your bathroom can be difficult. You want something cost-effective, but you also want something that will last for years when it comes to durability and style. At Jim’s Glass, we believe that one of the most underrated and effective ways to transform your bathroom is implementing a new shower screen.

In 2018, semi-frameless shower screens are appearing in new builds and renovations all around Adelaide. Our team at Jim’s Glass are here to tell you why you should think about installing a semi-frameless shower screen in your Adelaide bathroom.

Style and Sophistication

The reason that South Australians keep coming back to the semi-frameless shower screen is the way that this addition can completely transform a space. The semi-frameless shower screen combined with the timeless look of aluminium glass framing is the answer to the current trend for minimalism. Without the bulkier frames that make your bathroom look outdated, the implementation of aluminium for the perimeter and exposed glass edge adheres to current trends, but it also promises the versatility of your shower for many years.

When professionally installed, the semi-frameless shower screen can create the illusion of uninterrupted space.

Safety and Clarity

It is easy to think of glass as a frail material, and while it can break, it is a lot more durable than people think. Semi-frameless shower screens are no different. The options that we supply at Jim’s Glass comprised of 6mm toughened glass specially designed for high-traffic conditions. Professional installation of shower screens is essential to the longevity of this product, so if you work with Jim’s Glass, you know that your new shower screen will last as long as possible.

Another key trait of a modern bathroom is how the clear the glass remains. Semi-frameless shower screens are less likely to house dirt and grime due to their exposed edges.


At Jim’s Glass, our team of experienced glaziers have tackled hundreds of different bathrooms. It means that they have industry leading knowledge in shower screen installation. We have brought to life many different applications of semi frameless shower screens, saying that we have the problem-solving skills to get you over the line.

Semi-frameless shower screens are available for installation in pivot door or hinged door applications, which gives you the greatest freedom in design capability. The simplicity and timelessness of semi-frameless shower screens mean that it will work with every tile colour and bathroom orientation, without interrupting the composition.

A semi-frameless shower screen is a fantastic way to update the entire look and feel of your Adelaide bathroom. If you want to know about the installation of this product, call Jim’s Glass today!