Unique Glass Options

More and more properties of glass are now being discovered. Its versatility has gone beyond what is expected and has managed to retain its functionality. As a design feature, the use of glass is growing in popularity and a lot of decorative glass options are now available. Here are some rare, uncommon or maybe even surprising glass design creations and products:

Recycled Glass for Unique Home Décor

Today, recycled glass has become a good optional material for residential and commercial purposes. It has transformed into unique décor products as countertops, tables, fireplace mantles, etc. A number of home décor manufacturers have turned to tossed-out bottles, windshields, and other recycled glass sources for the production of one-of-a kind designs for collage countertops and living room decors.

Glass Shelves and Glass Panels

If you have grown tired of regularly replacing your plastic bathroom accessories shelves, it may be high time you upgrade to frameless glass shelves and glass panels. They are easy to clean and will brighten up your shower and bath area. The transparent shelves will also make organizing your accessories and bath essentials quick and easy.

Multifunctional Glass Walls in the Boardroom

These are elegant and wide panels of glass that make the boardroom real elegant and chic. But more than that, these glass walls can be paired with a white background and can be used as a white board during company meetings, symposiums and training sessions. The same white background and the glass wall pair can also be used as a screen projector during business functions.

Glass Plant Boxes and Pet Cages

Indoor plant boxes give the home a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. These glass plant boxes are available in various, shapes, sizes and colours. They can be mounted on the wall or allowed to hang on ceilings or balustrades for a more dramatic effect. They can also be used as centrepiece on dining tables or mini side tables.

Glass pet cages were more common for reptiles and small house pets but nowadays, even glass birdcages are gaining popularity. Because of the transparency of the material, pet owners feel they are more connected to their pets when they use glass materials. They are also easier to clean and maintain.

With the myriad uses of glass, no longer is it just an option. Its functionality, aesthetic value and durability in undisputed. If you think you are ready to brighten up your home with more unique glass pieces and fixtures Call 131 546 or use our online form to book an appointment.

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