Bathroom Mirror

Top Trends in Bathroom Mirrors

Deciding On Your New Bathroom Mirror

While you could be hard-pressed to find a home that didn’t have a mirror in its bathroom, there are still a lot of different options out there that change the entire composition of the space. Just like any interior design alteration, the trends change. When it comes to deciding on a bathroom mirror, it is essential that you think about all the different characteristics, and how they affect the space.

To learn about top trends in bathroom mirrors, allow Jim’s Glass to work with you on your next project. Our team can help you think of every little detail when deciding on your new bathroom mirror.


An increasingly popular option for mirrors in bathrooms is increasing the dimensions. If you are undergoing some extension or renovation, you may want to consider the popular trend of taking up a significant amount of wall space with a mirror. It has multiple benefits, such as the ability for several people to use the area at the same time, as well as full-body capabilities when you’re getting ready for the day. A full mirror also creates the illusion of space which is a sought-after trait in bathrooms. Larger mirrors require great care during the installation phase, so it is vital that you employ the right professional help if you wish to pursue this trend.


Some people may not recognise this, but functional mirrors actually can exaggerate light in a space. If you need natural light in your bathroom, a well-placed custom-mirror can transform your bathroom into a bright and vibrant area, instantly. One of the current trends is manipulating the light through mirrors, and our team at Jim’s Glass can show you just how your mirror placement may affect this aspect.


Still, there are a few more customisable traits of a mirror, which come in the range of edges in the mirrors that we have available. While you can change size, the trends evident in the border edges are one of the reasons that people continue to speak to Jim’s before making a decision. Options in edge finishes include segmented, curved, sandblasted, etched, bevelled edge or tinted as well as the ever-popular bevelled and polished edges. While you may think that trends in borders may seem like a minuscule detail, this detail does provide elegance in the space. The variant with the polished edge tends to be the favoured option.

Trends in bathroom mirrors are always changing, so if you wish to find out what are the current popular options for private bathrooms, talk to Jim’s Glass. Offering the broadest range of products, and professional service like no other, Jim’s team is here to help! For a measure and quote, call today.