The Ultimate Bathroom Needs the Ultimate Shower Screen!

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Do you want to add a sleek modern look to your bathroom without going through a full renovation? Showers define the look of every bathroom. It is why glass shower screens are considered the centrepieces that will enhance the look of any bathroom, no matter what era or design.

When it comes to style and luxury, frameless shower screens are considered the ultimate. Their uncluttered lines bring another level of style and sophistication to your bathroom. They are also more practical and beneficial than ordinary shower curtains.

Keeping Your Bathroom Dry

Not only are frameless shower screens beautiful, but they also keep the rest of your bathroom dry. Unlike regular curtains, shower screens keep the shower water in.

At Jim’s Glass, we custom-make all shower screen panels to fit your bathroom perfectly. It ensures that the water splashing is completely contained and the risk of slipping on a wet floor is drastically reduced.


There is no doubt that ordinary shower curtains make any bathroom look dull. Frameless shower screens, on the other hand, will complement any bathroom, regardless of its design. Their smooth, clean lines are both handy and elegant, and their transparency brings more light and a spacious feel to your bathroom.


Glass allows the sunlight to enter the shower area and lighten it up. Since frameless shower screens contain more glass, they will preserve energy. You will not depend on electrical power only to lighten up the room.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Unlike shower curtains or other types of shower screens, frameless shower screens are easier to clean. All you need is some water or a glass cleaner and a piece of cloth to wipe off any soap residue or water spots. With no frames blocking your access, you can reach the glass screens better. No metal frames will also mean no rust.

More Hygienic

With no frames around, germs and dirt will have no place to hide in. It makes frameless shower screens the clear choice for you and your family.


Bathrooms are built in different sizes, each with specific measurements. Shower enclosures, like shower curtains, are usually produced in standardized sizes and designs. Shower screens, however, are customizable to fit any bathroom.

At Jim’s Glass, we use our custom design software to measure and design your frameless shower screens. This software allows you to picture the outcome and explore various designs. The manufacturing process is also made in-house to ensure that your new shower screens fit your bathroom perfectly.  

Jim’s Glass provides many shower screen solutions for you to choose from, such as framed shower screens or semi-frameless shower screens. Although these options seem more cost-effective, the final look and feel of your bathroom will be compromised. Nothing can compare to the aesthetic appeal of frameless shower screens. Bring your bathroom to the next level now without going through the hassle of a full renovation. Call Jim’s Glass today!