The Surprising Benefits Of A Glass Splashback

Transform Your Home With A Custom Designed Splashback 

The splashback is one of the most underrated and forgotten aspects of a functional kitchen. At Jim’s Glass, we handle all things glass-related around homes, and one of those services is the installation of a glass splashback. With amazing visual capabilities and simplicity, the glass splashback is an excellent addition to the vast majority of kitchens.

If you are remodelling your home and are in the process of selecting materials for your kitchen, let the Jim’s Glass team come and help you with a glass splashback! We love this addition, and if you are wondering just why a glass splashback is so good, look no further!

Hygienic and Functional

One of the more typical materials used for a splashback is tile. Compared to glass, tile can create many hygienic and visual issues concerning cleanliness. A glass splashback is incredibly easy to maintain with a wipe down. Tile splashbacks trap dirt and grime in the gaps between the tiles.

With the easy maintenance coupled with the timeless look and clean reflection of the glass, there is almost nothing else you can ask for in a splashback. Cleaning involves merely wiping the glass – no grout lines, seamless!


One of the best traits of a glass splashback is the way it creates the illusion of space within your kitchen. Reflective surfaces are fantastic at creating depth and space within an already confined region. Additionally, a glass splashback will create a look that will not age, as the use of a mirror in a working area is a timeless addition.


At Jim’s Glass, we offer the creation of custom glass splashbacks to ensure it reflects your taste. Whatever application you desire, we can bring it to life. If you have a distinctive design in mind that involves more than just one surface, Jim’s Glass is your best bet at providing something that is cohesive and fits the design of your kitchen.


There are a surprising number of applications available for a glass splashback. Whether you want to install something relatively small, or something more substantial, like it will span the entire length of the kitchen, at Jim’s Glass, we can provide you with this solution!

If you are looking for a fantastic way to add depth and size to your home, think about a glass splashback for your kitchen renovation. We have provided glass splashbacks to many Adelaide properties in various designs. To organise a quote or custom order, call Jim’s Glass today!