The Last Frameless Shower Screen You Need in Your Bathroom!

Is Your Shower Screen In Need Of A Replacement?

Every time you go for a shower, you want to feel clean, fresh and relaxed. An old and tired shower screen can sometimes prevent you from experiencing these pleasant feelings.

If your current shower screen makes you feel dull and uninspired, then it might be time to upgrade to the ultimate in shower screens – the frameless shower screen. The fully frameless shower screen stand heads and shoulders above the rest of the alternatives and is a sure-fire way to make sure you feel amazing every time you wash.

A Bathroom That Inspires

In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, it can be difficult to secure time for winding down, relaxing and enjoying some peace and tranquillity. The bathroom is the one place that you should always be able to find some time for yourself, and it should be quality time at that.

With the inclusion of fully frameless shower screens, your bathrooms will exude sophistication and transform into a sparkling oasis for your home. Frameless shower screens open up space, create depth and provide a sense of luxury in an area that you enter every single day.

An unattractive shower screen draws your attention, makes you feel cramped and doesn’t leave a smile on your face after every clean. Once you make the change to fully frameless shower screens, you’ll notice the difference straight away.

Expert Custom Design

At Jim’s Glass, we have the experience and tools to create custom made frameless shower screens that work effortlessly with your existing space. We utilise design software that ensures a perfect fit but also allows you to view the final product before its installation!

With our precision software and skilled team of in-house glaziers, we can ensure that your frameless shower screens will be complete and ready for use within 14 days from the initial measurement.

Only the Highest Standards

Not only do frameless shower screens look stunning when Jim’s Glass builds them, but we also make sure they last. We impose incredibly high standards for ourselves and our craft for your home.

Every glass panel we use for our frameless shower screens is A-grade toughened safety glass, so you’ll never have to worry about any potential breaks. In compliance with Australian Standards for glass safety, your frameless shower screen will be up to scratch for many years to come.

You can count on the unmatched expertise and experience of Jim’s Glass and our talented glaziers will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your frameless shower screens. We only use the most qualified personnel and the best equipment so that we can always render the best results.

Call the friendly team at Jim’s Glass today and ask about our free no obligation measure and quote. Make your bathroom a place of luxury again with a frameless shower screen!