Shower Screen Repairs

The Importance Of Staying On Top Of Your Shower Screen Repairs

Don’t Put Off Your Shower Screen Repairs Any Longer!

Sometimes we hear horror stories in the news of shower screens shattering, leaving people covered in shards of glass and in unimaginable pain. Many people often think with Australian building regulations, and acts of compliance shattering shower screens should be something of the past. However, like anything, if you do not care for and maintain your shower screen, it can break – eventually putting yourself and others living with you at risk.

At Jim’s Glass, we have been providing the residents of Australia with premium shower screen repairs for over 20 years. We understand the damage a broken shower screen can do and the safety risk that presents when broken.

Because of our first-hand experience with shower screen repairs, we know the importance of staying on top of your shower screen repairs. Upon noticing even the slightest crack, it is vital that you call a professional glazier to inspect and suggest the best repair approach. While your shower screen crack may only appear small now, it can grow much more significant and shatter at any time.

To see how you can maintain your shower screen and ensure you and your family are never at risk keep reading:

Shower Screen Glass Inspection

Australian building regulations in place state that all shower screens must be made from safety glass to prevent injury in the event of shattering. While the new homes are in compliance with these rules, older Adelaide homes may not have been updated.

If you have recently relocated into a home or your current home has an older bathroom, and you’re unsure if the shower screen is from compliant safety glass, give the Jim’s Glass team a call! A member from our professional glazier team will come to your Adelaide home and inspect the condition, and glass type of all the shower screens in your home.

In the case that your home’s shower screens are not in compliance with Australian regulations, we can create a made to measure shower screen solution that will see the look of your shower screen and the safety for yourself and your family increased.

See A Crack? Get It Fixed!

If you do detect a crack in your Adelaide shower screen, give a member of our team a call! It doesn’t matter how severe or minimal the shower screen crack is, you can rest assured that we have a repair solution for you!

Stay on top of any cracking that will prevent your shower screen from shattering further down the track!

Lifetime Guarantee!

At Jim’s Glass, we believe so highly in our products and the quality of our craft that Jim’s Glass lifetime guarantee backs all of our products and services.

If you’re looking for a premium Adelaide glazier that will ensure that your home’s shower screen is always up to scratch, look no further than the team at Jim’s Glass! With numerous years of practice and a passion for excellence, you can rest assured you’re in good hands!