Safety Glass

The Importance of Safety Glass in Your Adelaide home

Why Should I Choose Safety Glass?

Protecting your Adelaide home is essential to safeguard your investment and that the contents of your home are safe. One way to do this is to undertake protective measures such as using particularly durable materials when renovating your property.

At Jim’s Glass, we believe that safety glass is one of the premier products on the market for ensuring the security of your home, or business. Whether you are looking for some added protection, or you think your business could use more security measures, consider the importance of safety glass!


The harsh reality of living in suburban Adelaide is that burglaries can happen. One of the easiest ways for an unwanted guest to find their way into your property is through the window. The laminated composition of this product means that it is it is difficult to break, ensuring that if someone is trying to get in, they will have a difficult time.

There are many properties in Adelaide that do not use glass that adheres to Australian standards and regulations. At Jim’s Glass, we can help you determine whether your home or business has the necessary materials for longevity.

Glass Safety

While glass is present in every property and essential to ventilation, insulation and ambience, it is no secret that glass can be hazardous if mismanaged. Electing for a more durable and enhanced glass material to use in your home is a great way to decrease the likelihood of broken glass; that the broken glass doesn’t shatter into tiny, dangerous pieces, but slightly larger chunks. It makes it easier to clean up, and less likely to cause serious injury.

There is a laminated inner layer that keeps the two pieces of glass bonded in the event of a break, which is responsible for the larger fragments.


If your property is attractive to burglars, close to large trees, or a storefront on a busy road, you are statistically more likely to have your windows cracked at some point in time. If this is you, safety glass is an investment, as it can help you prevent costly damage in the future. If you are consistently required to replace glass, stop business or seek an emergency repair, it is financially suitable to use safety glass for windows instead.

Professional installation of safety glass is a long-term solution for all of your safety and security concerns. Protect yourself, and your property with this material. If you are looking to have your property assessed for glass quality, or to find out more about safety glass, call our team at Jim’s Glass today!