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The Importance of Investing in a Qualified Glazier for Your New Shower Screen

For A First-class Glazier Service, You Can’t Go Past Jim’s Glass!

If you are about to undertake some form of a bathroom renovation, you are probably looking for some help. At Jim’s Glass we are passionate about safety and quality glass installation, and therefore suggest that it is paramount that you invest in a qualified glazier for your next project.

At Jim’s Glass, our team is experienced in all manner of glass installation and know all the considerations to make during the installation process. If you are looking to ensure the longevity and safety of your bathroom, let our team of glaziers at Jim’s Glass help you out.


Like any alteration to your home or business in Adelaide, you want it to last. By choosing to work with a professional service like at Jim’s Glass, you are investing in the future of your bathroom, and your home. Rather than having to replace the installation after a couple of years, the team of Glaziers we have at Jim’s Glass provides a service that is designed to last.

Knowing what constitutes professional installation and the all details to consider makes Jim’s Glass the ideal team for installation of glass that will be present for a long time.


When working with glass, no matter what the project is, security should be the number one concern. Installing glass in every application requires care and precision to ensure that you prevent any injuries or create an unsafe environment. Some special techniques and precautions will be employed by our glaziers to ensure that glass doesn’t fracture during the installation process and that issues don’t occur later on.

The glass materials we use are, therefore, up to standard and regulation, as well as having the capability to withstand movement and moisture for years.


The installation of a shower screen needs full consideration to the smallest detail. One of the most important (and often neglected) aspects of this process is the falls and levels of your shower screen. A particular way of installing your shower head is required to ensure that water isn’t going to be running into different areas of your bathroom (creating hazards). Using professional glaziers is a great way to provide the functionality of your entire bathroom. Detailed consideration is also an excellent way to make sure that your shower screen isn’t subject to issues in the years to come.

It is essential that you employ Jim’s Glass for your next bathroom renovation. Our team of glaziers has a wealth of experience working with Adelaide homes and making safe and effective installation of your glass product. For a measure and quote, and specific product information, call Jim’s Glass today.