Glass Replacement

The Immediate Benefits of Frameless Glass Systems!

Frameless Glass Systems At Jims Glass

If it’s about time that you overhauled your house or business and you’re looking for that sophisticated, modern finish, then trust Jim’s with your frameless glass systems. The beautiful nature of such clean, uninterrupted glass will astound you and provide your space with class unparalleled.

Designers and architects know how much the appearance of a building can improve just by upgrading your doors or windows to frameless glass systems. Doors incorporating frameless glass systems are becoming increasingly popular with the effect they have in bringing in natural light and opening up your space.

The team at Jim’s Glass are trusted and certified professionals with the tools and skills required to install demanding projects such as frameless glass systems. Such a job may require the experts, but we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the finesse that frameless glass systems add to your home.

Why choose frameless glass systems?

Frameless glass systems are the perfect choice for those interested in stellar, uninterrupted views that maximise the size and feel of the building while delivering a minimalistic look. Frameless glass systems embody the old saying “less is more”.

These stylish solutions are also versatile for shop fronts, internal office partitions, entrance ways, doorways, balustrades, stairways and cafe screens. From a commercial perspective, there is not a better option to highlight your product and allow it to catch the eye of prospective passers-by.

When it comes to office partitions, however, frameless glass systems are the clear choice for balancing privacy with an open and welcoming building plan. Our frameless glass systems can be specially tinted to work and function seamlessly within your office environment.

Jim’s glass sliding doors are a statement piece that projects a grandiose aura that meets any guests arriving at your doorstep. There is no substitute for the sheer magnificence of frameless glass systems.

Are they durable?

Many people are under the impression that full glass panes are a hazard and can be easily damaged. They are not fragile in the slightest and the high-quality glass that Jim’s uses are especially resistant to harsh weather conditions, water and air.

A professional company such as Jim’s Glass, who operates with a team that has a combined industry experience of well over 40 years, is the number one candidate to install these easy solutions. Jim’s is the trusted name in Adelaide for frameless glass systems, and we value your input during the designing process.

We will assist you with all future maintenance and service as well as providing advice for cleaning procedures. Warranties are, of course, another part of the service that Jim’s Glass delivers.

For more information about how you can boost your home or business with a spectacular new glass fitting, call the friendly team at Jim’s Glass, and we’ll get you on your way.