The Different Types of Glass Used Today

There are many different types of glass being used in Australia at the present time. The most popular types are the following; insulating or double glazing, laminated, coated, security, toughened, annealed or float, patterned, screen printed, mirrored, and self cleaning.

When it comes to choosing a type of glass, it really is all going to come down to what it is being to be used for and a person’s budget. Insulating glass, which is usually called double glazing, has a metallic coating that reflects heat back into a room, while permitting the heat and light from the sun to pass through. This type of glass is very energy efficient and is widely used to manufacture windows.

Toughened glass is a product that has been specially treated so that it is very difficult to break. It is primarily used for sliding doors, partitions, or building facades. Coated glass is an item that sometimes serves a dual purpose. First, it can change a rooms or windows appearance depending of the shade of coating that is applied to it. Second, certain types of coatings have qualities that can make the glass scratch or corrosion resistance, which can help increase its life span.

Self cleaning glass is normally used on the exterior of a building and it has a pyrolitic coating that helps the glass to break up dirt particles and shed water. A patterned glass surface displays a recurring pattern which can be just about anything. It is normally used for architectural reasons or as a design feature.

There are so many different types of glass because each kind was developed to serve a specific purpose. If at sometime in the future you need to either replace a piece of glass or are building a new structure and are not sure which type will best suit your needs, a glass professional will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and provide recommendations.

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