Who Would Take ‘Buddy’ Out

Article-92-300x168 Who Would Take ‘Buddy’ OutToday’s busy lifestyle is not an excuse. Every ‘buster’ and ‘kitty’ needs to go out every once in a while and being busy is not an excuse not to be able to let them out when they need to. However, how does one do this when you have a sliding glass door or hinged glass door?

The homeowner does not have to squeeze every idea. There are simple solutions that are aimed at making life better and simpler for the whole family including our beloved pets!

To The Outdoors

We can wait, but our pets can’t! Your dogs and cats have a need to be in the outdoors from time to time; basking in the sun, running around, and doing their personal things outside as part of their lives. It rejuvenates them and keeps their happiness levels high.

For homeowners, having a pet door increases the chances of your dog to be able to run after suspicious presence lurking within the yard. You can also put an end to waking up in the middle of the night just to let the dog or cat out to do their ‘thing.’ Exercising under the sun is also an important part of maintaining their health. No more messy cleanups inside the house!

Buster’s Solution

With the new building safety standards and move for energy efficiency, glass doors are being used by many homeowners. Toughened A-grade safety glass is the material to use for doors. With this development, we had not forgotten our loyal pets.

Special pet doors that can be custom fitted to glass sliding and hinged doors are now available for making the homeowner’s and the pets’ lives more convenient. Low-level glass panels can now be integrated with a pet door that would not compromise the look and ambiance of the house.

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