How to Take Advantage of Frameless Glass Systems

18-300x179 How to Take Advantage of Frameless Glass Systems

Frameless glass systems are perhaps one of the most sophisticated and complex types of installation in the construction industry. Their assembly requires thorough planning, specialised skills, and experience. Different factors play important roles in every frameless glass installation design – size, support structure, and glass type among other things. If you are planning to install a frameless glass system in your home or workplace, it is best to let the professionals do the job.

Frameless glass systems are great for different applications. These include the following:

  • Office partitions – Frameless glass provides office environments the best of both worlds – it offers privacy and a feeling of open space.
  • Shopfronts – For retail shops, this type of glass is useful as shopfront windows. Frameless glass enhances the shop’s appeal while allowing natural light to enter and light up the interiors.
  • Balustrade systems – Glass balustrades add a radiant look to staircases, giving them a floating effect. This type of balustrade also provides an excellent barrier around the balcony without interrupting the view.
  • Home entryways – Frameless glass systems are perfect for installations between rooms and as patio doors. They offer great benefits such as energy efficiency, reduced heating costs, and customised design options.

Regardless of the application, frameless glass can enhance the look of the area around it, eliminate perceived barriers, and make a space seem larger than it seems. It is effective in drawing attention to every feature within the area.

As mentioned above, installing frameless glass systems involves knowledge and expertise. You can’t simply entrust the task to just about anyone. And while there are a number of glass installation companies out there, not all of them are able to provide professional and reliable service. For your peace of mind, call Jim’s Glass.

We maintain a team of professional glass installers that guarantee that you will get exactly what you are paying for. Our services come with a Certificate of Compliance that ensures all work performed comply with government standards. Call us at 131 546 or book an appointment. We will be happy to discuss our recommendations and how they will fit with your ideas!