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Glass Steam Room by Jim’s Glass in Perth

Glass Home Steam Room

A Customer contacted the team at Jim’s Glass in Perth with an odd request; to build a Frameless Glass Steam Room!

The customer’s requirements were quite specific.

  • The steam room had to be frameless glass with minimal fittings.
  • The ceiling needed to be on an angle and
  • there had to be minimal gaps in order to trap the steam inside.

Did we mention also that the sauna steam room installation was upstairs? As you can imagine there are some logistical challenges in getting large heavy panels of glass up flights of stairs!

Pre-Installation Checks

On the first visit to the property, we found the empty shell of a bathroom. Our Customer had a general idea of a glass-walled steam room in their home.

Image-2-225x300 Glass Steam Room by Jim's Glass in Perth

Glass Steam Room

We consulted with the customer to work out exactly what they were looking for, and how the finished steam room was going to look.  We also had to assess any unforeseen installation problems.

This steam shower is on the 2nd floor and there were to 90-degree corners to navigate on the staircase.  We needed to assess whether the glass would be able to go up the stairs and how many fittings we would be using.

We also had to consider the angle of the steam room roof which had to run away from the door.

Now with a rough design, we had to cross-reference this with AS1288. This is the Australian Standard which governs the selection and installation of glass in buildings.

We referenced the required glass thickness using the Australian Standards. Then we could then select the fittings to support that glass in the home sauna.

Final Measurements

Around a week later the tiling was completed. We then attended to do a final measure and confirm the final steam room design. We also confirmed the steam room’s roof height and angle.

Two-stage Steam Room Installation

We broke the job into two installation stages:

  1. Fitting of the glass walls and
  2. Fitting the glass roof panel.

Stage one went in as planned and the customer was loving how it was all coming along. Once the walls were in place, we could confirm the roof sizes and get the roof glass into production. 5 days later when the glass was ready we installed the roof.

We siliconed the structure to seal any gaps. This also added to the stream room’s structural integrity. Weather strips added around the door. It was noted that the gaps were better than expected! A testament to the skilled workmanship of the Perth team.

The Plumber then came in 2 days later to fit and test with all elements working perfectly!

A glass steam room in Dalkeith, Perth

The home steam room was installed into a newly renovated bathroom in the Perth suburb of Dalkeith. After consulting the Australian Standards, we used 10mm Clear Toughened Glass and Silver Patch Fittings.

We had a total of 6 Glaziers contribute to the successful installation.

Another successful project

Our Customer was especially pleased with the result and the Jim’s Glass team. We were the only Glass company in Perth that would visit her to discuss the potential design and logistical aspects of the project.
Of course, the end result added to the customer’s delight!

Jim’s Glass is a proud member of the Australian Glass and Window Association and uses glaziers that have achieved Master or Certified Glazier Status.

All glaziers undergo AS1288 competency testing and Jim’s Glass guarantee all work with compliance to AS1288 and a Lifetime Guarantee on workmanship.  If you have a project that required skilled workmanship and technical excellent call the team at Jim’s Glass In Perth 

Image-225x300 Glass Steam Room by Jim's Glass in Perth

Glass Steam Room in Dalkieth, Perth

Image-1-225x300 Glass Steam Room by Jim's Glass in Perth

Glass Steam Room in Dalkieth, Perth