Why Are Splashbacks The Perfect Solution

Article-84-300x200 Why Are Splashbacks The Perfect Solution	Splashbacks are extensions of your workspace in the kitchen. When you cook, splashbacks catches the oil spills and splatters protecting the wall behind it. Made of glass, cleaning is made easy and convenient to the homeowner as a simple spray and wipe is needed to keep it sparklingly clean.

Splashbacks For You

Splashbacks were originally made to be installed behind the sink. Then people realised it would be good to have one behind the stove too! Until another person said, it would be nice to have it all over the worktop area. Today, splashbacks are around the kitchen worktop area protecting the wall behind sinks and stoves, as well as the counter worktop area.

Glass splashbacks are ideal for busy homes. Not just in the kitchen, but in areas that is often wet: garage, outside kitchen, and at times even around the exterior walls of homes with shrubbery. Highly customisable, designs are endless and is only limited to the homeowner’s imagination.

Some residents have also made whole wall features with splashbacks and used LED lighting to highlight their design. Again, the possibilities are endless! Glass splashbacks are the perfect solution for you.

The Busy Solution

Made from toughened A-grade safety glass, splashbacks are safe to have around the home. It will take more than your regular usage to break it! Cleaning glass splashbacks is as easy as spraying it with a cleaning solution and wiping it off with a rag. There are no grout lines where moulds can live in, making it the perfect hygienic choice for the home. Safety for the family, beauty for the home, and protection for your walls – that is what splashbacks are all about!

Never leave jobs in the hands of incompetent people. Call the name that is trusted by many and have your splashback installed with quality. Whether it is for installation, repair, or replacement of splashbacks, call Jim’s Glass at 131 546 and get your free measure and quote!